A Passion for Pools?

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As seen here on Curbed National

One needn’t be a total kook to commission the world’s most amazingly customized, Liberace-fabulous residential lagoon—though, if precedence is any indication, a passion for residential pools that is ardent enough to garner a long side-eye stare from strangers at parties certainly does help. Taking cues from the country’s most ludicrous pools, its clear that what will become the next ultimate residential pool will have amenities and art installations so extravagant, it’ll take millions of dollars to craft. Swim-up bars? Modern Lap Pools. What is this, amateur hour? Please. We’re talking $1.5M Chihuly sculpture installations, ziplines, filtration systems, and more. Below, the definitive guide to building one’s own megalo-water-park, with tips from rapper Drake and radio star Kasey Kasem.


1. First things first: get your hands on a 22-feet-by-12-feet Dale Chihuly Pool Sculpture Installation at the bottom of the pool. Neiman Marcus, which put this very item on its 2010 Christmas wish list, may still have some in the stockroom, and it will only set you back $1.5M.

2.This lap pool on the third floor of the Manhattan’s Thompson hotel boasts three photos of Andy Warhol’s face on its basin bottom, though, really, any face will do: Steve Buscemi, Mariah Carey, Woody Harrelson, Drake (the patron saint of pools), Andre the Giant…

3. A within-pool firepit is a must. Say goodbye to standing shivering on the pool’s edge, say hello to post-natatorium s’mores.

4. Cantilevering. All the terrifying sky pools have them.

5. The coolest pool in New York may soon be this cross-shaped lagoon set to float in the middle of the East River. One’s personal reproduction should, too, be set in a noxious flow of NYC river water—just don’t forget to include the heavy-duty filtration system.

6. Another must-have: flatscreen televisions, as seen in this bonkers Airbnb listing. Here, for $75 a night, you can enjoy earthly delights that rival no others: a zipline, a 14-foot HD theater screen, a second large rock waterfall, a beach entry with a beach fire pit, a water basketball court, and so, so much more.

7. Now go get yourself at least 750,001 gallons of water. You want yours to be the absolute largest, don’t you?

8. Sharks!

9. Install an overhead swing. Bonus if it’s inside a 19th-century townhouse whose entire first floor is a medieval-style pool, like this Manhattan house.

10. Of course, you are a human of quality, a human of taste, a human of culture. This next step is key; nothing says “taste” and “culture” quite like commissioning the creation of a 1,300-square-foot custom pool in the shape of a giant violin. Taking cues from Liberace, the grand homme of gaudiness who had a piano-shaped pool on the grounds of his Malibu estate, finance executive Jay Dweck commissioned the formation of a pool that looks just like his own super rare, 18th-century Stradivarius violin. His includes half a million glass tiles and fiber optic violin strings that light up to music.

11. An elaborate pool is not an elaborate pool without the purple lights, grottos, and cocktails of the Playboy pool. Just ask Drake.

12. Bring in the secret ingredient, the big guns, the pièce de résistance, the chef-d’oeuvre, the cherry on top: you could say “love,” but let’s just call it like it is, a fantastically, overwhelmingly cheesy heart-shaped waterbody, à la radio star Casey Kasem’s $42M estate.

It’s All About the Edge

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Contemporary Pool by Peachtree City Pools & Spas Shane LeBlanc Designs

Having a custom swimming pool in your yard has that instant “Wow Factor” and then adding an infinity edge to it just adds to that cool factor. Popular since the 80′s, the infinity edge was the symbol for “High Roller” Status. Now more common than it was 25 years ago, the swimming pool edge still has that “cool” factor, although there are more edges to choose from.

An infinity edge which I have learned is really not the correct name for these modern marvels. This type of pool design is today known in the swimming pool construction business by the names “Lautner” knife edge pools, slot edge pools, wet edge pools and perimeter pools. Perimeter edge pools aren’t just found on swimming pools, but can also be found on home swim spas, hot tubs and soaking tubs. In this particular pool design the water sits at the same level as the pool deck and flows into a slot edge at the pool’s perimeter creating a mirror like effect.

Modern Pool by Brisbane Pools & Spas 4blue

The key to success with any perimeter-edge overflow system is achieving a dead-level edge.  Waterproofing is also crucial when installing perimeter-overflow gutters because you can’t afford to have them leak. A bit of a pricey feature to have on your luxury swimming pool but then again that’s why we call it luxury!

Top Trends in Bathroom Renovations

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Traditional Bathroom by Toronto Interior Designers & Decorators Rowlands Associates Inc.


With the bathroom being the second most popular room in the house to remodel after the kitchen, here are the the top trends we are seeing in 2014!

Master Bath takes center stage.

  • 60% of homeowners are renovating their bathrooms while 61% are choosing to start from scratch gutting the entire bathroom.

The Older You Are the More Likely Bathtubs are Going Out the Window.

  • 59% of homeowners aged 65+ are likely to skip the soaking tub altogether.
  • 36% of 25-34 year olds plan to skip it in the master.
  • 39% of 25-34 year olds plan to skip it in another bathroom.

Bath Lover Have 3 Styles to Choose From:

One Sink or two?

  • 91% of homeowners are replacing their master bathroom sink.
  • 45% aged 25-44 are installing 2 custom vessel sinks.
  • 58% of homeowners aged45+ are installing two sinks.

 Glass Rules the Master Bath

  • 79% prefer glass shower doors over a shower curtain.

Green Flushing

  • 91% of homeowners are installing high efficiency toilets.

 White Cabinets Are The Top Choice for Renovations.

  • Top 3 wood choices:
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Oak


4 Water Workouts That Will Get You Bikini Ready this Summer

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goggles-1 Living in Boulder Colorado you quickly get use to seeing some amazing fit bodies running, cycling and swimming around town. Boulder is so fit that the they have won THE Fittest city in the Country since 2008! Yes Boulderites are fit! I have done my own informal poll around town asking women what exercise they do to get in such phenomenal shape. Hands down the #1 exercise these ladies tell me is swimming.

Swimming is one of the best exercises that you can do for yourself . It not only will make you look younger and be more fit, it will strengthen your heart and lungs. If you are not a fan of swimming, jump in the swim spa or the swimming pool and  try these other 4 equally effective aquatic workouts that will have you bikini ready this summer!

Resistance Training-Anything that you do with dumbbells on the gym floors can be translated into a water exercise.Water gives you natural resistance with absolutely no impact to the joints. Muscle tone can be achieved at a faster rate with resistance of water and weights.

Treading Water-Not a great swimmer? No problem. Treading water requires no special form . Land-based running can be copied in the water–but you have to point your toes and emulate running under water. Treading water for 30 minutes can burn more calories than riding a bike for 30 minutes if done the right way.

Pool Running-Or should we say cool running? The great thing about swimming in the water is that you won’t get overheated. Perfect for the injured runner or for cross training for long distance runners, pool running is very low impact on your muscles and joints.

Aqua Zumba-If you have never tried it, put this on your must try list. Zumba is filled with pumping music and fun dance moves that has you use just about every muscle in your body then add water to the mix. This now has a cult like following. Add water to the mix and you got a fun dance party all done in your polka dot bikini..

9 Reasons Why Stainless Steel Pools are Better

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Luxury swimming pools are one of the biggest investments when it comes to your landscape budget. So why wouldn’t you buy the best swimming pool that will give you longest lifespan, curb appeal and low maintenance? Here are 9 reasons why stainless steel pools are worth the investment.

website stainless_steel_pool_la-1010 (2)


Stainless Steel Pools are Highly Corrosion Resistant

Stainless steel is a steel alloy containing elements chromium, carbon, nickel and molybdeum resulting in a excellent material that is corrosion resistant. These elements together make stainless steel an excellent choice for aquatic products. The material is so durable that cracking and leaking is almost non-existent.


Stainless Steel is a Clean Freak

Stainless steel is a naturally hygienic material. Traditional tiled pools are very porous making them higher in risk for producing bacterial growth. Stainless steel pools surface property greatly inhibits bacterial growth and is easy to maintain but must be done on a regular basis.


Looks Good with Age

Stainless Steel has a quality about it that no matter where you place it, the sun, the snow, the sands, the winds, it will look as good now as it will in 20 years. Stainless steel is resistant to fading like traditional pool materials so the metal with keep looking like it did the first day it arrived.


Stainless Steel Pools Are One with the Earth

Diamond Spas stainless steel swimming pools are fabricated from recycled sheet metal, producing a beautiful sustainable swimming pool. The recycled content for new stainless steel sheet lies between 65% and 80%. The vessel shell is 100% recyclable. Unlike many other engineered materials, stainless steel is recycled without any degradation.


Stainless Steel Pools Leaves no Mess Behind

All stainless steel pools are pre-fabricated on the factory floors so there is less debris, noise and foot traffic on the actual job site. Projects can be installed in less time and can be ready for fill within hours of installation. If not delivered in one piece than components are delivered ready to be assembled and welded on site.


Stainless Steel Pools Keep the Water In.

Stainless Steel Pools have welded joints and all products are tested for 24-48 hours in our facilities to check for any types of leaks. Water consumption is reduced due to the absence of leaks.


Weight Management

Stainless steel is ideal for any projects such as rooftop or Yacht installation where every pound counts. Stainless steel is light compared to conventional pool structures. Due to it’s low weight the construction of a stainless steel pool has no repercussions on the foundation.


Like the Postman, Stainless Steel Delivers

Unlike some pools, stainless steel can withstand extreme temperatures. It is possible to leave your stainless steel pool filled through the winter without any special treatments necessary. Due to stainless steel’s thermal conductivity, any ice that might form melts on contact the metal and does not permit the creation of excess pressure.


Stainless Steel Has Hips and Curves

Stainless steel is the best choice when it comes to custom designs. The material can be curved and countercurved to whatever design suits your fancy. Smooth to the touch and sophisticated to the eye, stainless steel is simply classy.