Romodeling Pays Off in the Long Run

By Krista Payne
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Luxury Home Spa Gets Craned in at Aspen

I love the report that Remodeling Magazine brings us each year on Cost vs Value. It is such an insightful piece of information especially if you are on the fence about a remodeling project. I know that we really have seen a growth in sales over the past year and this report enforces that fact. Americans are spending money again on their homes. Cost-recouped percentages were up for all 35 projects in the survey including Deck additions or Bathroom remodels.

Spring is upon us and there is no better time than now to add onto your home with a high end hot tub on that new deck or a luxury bathtub such as a copper bath in that new bathroom addition.

Check out the 2013 survey:

2013 National Averages

Midrange Projects
ProjectJob CostResale ValueCost RecoupedChange vs. 2011-12
Attic Bedroom$47,919$34,91672.9% Change
Backup Power Generator$11,410$6,01452.7% Change
Basement Remodel$61,303$43,09570.3% Change
Bathroom Addition$37,501$20,56954.8% Change
Bathroom Remodel$15,782$10,29565.2% Change
Deck Addition (composite)$15,084$10,18467.5% Change
Deck Addition (wood)$9,327$7,21377.3% Change
Entry Door Replacement (fiberglass)$2,753$1,81365.9% Change
Entry Door Replacement (steel)$1,137$97485.6% Change
Family Room Addition$79,006$50,01363.3% Change
Garage Addition$48,806$31,09163.7% Change
Garage Door Replacement$1,496$1,13275.7% Change
Home Office Remodel$27,292$11,91143.6% Change
Major Kitchen Remodel$53,931$37,13968.9% Change
Master Suite Addition$101,873$64,39063.2% Change
Minor Kitchen Remodel$18,527$13,97775.4% Change
Roofing Replacement$18,488$11,63362.9% Change
Siding Replacement (vinyl)$11,192$8,15472.9% Change
Sunroom Addition$72,179$33,52946.5% Change
Two-Story Addition$152,470$99,67465.4% Change
Window Replacement (vinyl)$9,770$6,96171.2% Change
Window Replacement (wood)$10,708$7,85273.3% Change
Upscale Projects
ProjectJob CostResale ValueCost RecoupedChange vs. 2011-12
Bathroom Addition$70,969$39,73056.0% Change
Bathroom Remodel$50,007$29,16258.3% Change
Deck Addition (composite)$34,403$20,53259.7% Change
Garage Addition$80,511$44,03454.7% Change
Garage Door Replacement$2,720$2,04675.2% Change
Grand Entrance (fiberglass)$7,088$4,52863.9% Change
Major Kitchen Remodel$107,406$64,11359.7% Change
Master Suite Addition$220,086$114,56952.1% Change
Roofing Replacement$33,880$19,19456.7% Change
Siding Replacement (fiber-cement)$13,083$10,37979.3% Change
Siding Replacement (foam-backed vinyl)$13,818$9,92671.8% Change
Window Replacement (vinyl)$13,055$9,29571.2% Change
Window Replacement (wood)$16,361$11,19468.4% Change

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