The Long and Skinny of Home Swim Spas

By Krista Payne
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I guess long and skinny has always been in when it came to models.  Twiggy showed us that back in the 60’s.  But when it came to luxury swimming pools, bigger was always better, but there is a trend we are starting to see where pools and swim spas are getting leaner. There is something really sophisticated about these new long and skinny lap pools that are popping up in landscaping design-They are super sleek.
The cool thing about these swim spas is that they can serve many purposes. For those who long for a pool, but have smaller spaces to work with, a swim spa is ideal because the space needed is minimal. The price and maintenance also drops because of the smaller size. A swim spa can be used for fitness and for family play. Simply turn on the swim spa jets when you want to swim laps and turn them off when the kids want to jump in and play. A spillover hot tub can be added to the end of the pool to enhance the functionality of the pool.
Installing a home swim spa to your yard not only brings physical enjoyment, but also enhances the overall look of the yard.  The refection of water adds whimsy to the landscaping acting as a custom water feature when not in use. Fountains can be  added to add visual and sound effects.  Having water of any kind to the yard brings luxury to the space.
Modern Patio design by Hong Kong Architect San Interiors
Traditional Pool design by San Francisco Landscape Architect Blasen Landscape Architecture

3 Responses to “The Long and Skinny of Home Swim Spas”

  1. Jenny

    This is an incredible home! Very beautiful and the swim spa is absolutely stunning! I’d love to know how much one of these pools cost.

    • kpayne

      Thanks Jenny! Glad you like them too. I am in love with the look of swim spas! They look so classy with their clean, long lines. Not sure the costs of these exact swim spas, but really depends on the size, material and where you are located.


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