Intelligent Luxury Swimming Pool Controller

By Cindy
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You’ve been on the road for the past 8 days and want to take a dip in your custom spa but you’ll have to wait because you turned down the heat before you left for that long trip..The kids called you at work this morning and asked if they can have some friends come over for a pool party later in the evening but your luxury swimming pool needs to be warmed up because at the current temperature they would freeze… Friends have just called saying they are coming in town and asked if they could stay the night and you are out for breakfast but you want to start warming up the plunge pool for your guests to enjoy..

If you have a hot tub or swimming pool, no doubt you have had to deal with one of these scenarios or something quite like it. When not in use, it is smart to turn down the heat on the pool or hot tub, but when someone comes unexpected or a last minute party comes about, it is nice to be able to program these pools or spas from the convenience of your smart phone or web-connected device.

iAquaLink is a new smart app that will let you control your swimming pool or hot tub system from where ever there is an internet connection. From controlling water temperatures, turning of the LED lighting, to pump controls, the iAquaLink is as easy and pushing a button.

For more information on Zodiac’s iAquaLink.

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