It’s Here..Diamond Spas on Yard Crashers Tonight

By Krista Payne
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A Slammin’ Stainless Steel Hot Tub (As seen on DIY network)

A young couple who have a rather drab and unimpressive backyard get an outdoor fantasy which starts with a mosaic inspired by the homeowner’s own artwork and includes a flaming water feature and beautiful paver patio and a huge stainless steel spa. Add to this new PVC fencing, plants and lighting and you have both a dream backyard and a nightmare to try and pull off in two days…but that’s where the fun starts.
Dates to watch.

  • October 11, 201010:00 PM e/p
  • October 11, 20101:00 AM e/p
  • October 16, 20104:00 PM e/p
  • October 18, 201010:30 PM e/p
  • October 18, 20101:30 AM e/p
  • October 23, 20104:30 PM e/p

6 Responses to “It’s Here..Diamond Spas on Yard Crashers Tonight”

  1. Lisa Polites

    where can i buy the stainless steele hot tub featured recently on yard crashers? you guys don’t make it easy to find retailers. I need to know a price if you have on hand. thanks.

    • kpayne

      Hi Lisa.
      We sell directly to consumers. Take a look at our website at or call us for a catalog or pricing information. Our phone number is 1.800.951.7727.
      Thanks for your interest.
      Krista Payne

  2. Mark

    Can I please get a catalog and pricing on your stainless steel hot tubs?

    Mark Owens

    • kpayne

      Thanks Amber. Yes that custom stainless steel we made for Yard Crashers was quite a beauty! I think it took up their whole back yard. Thanks for your comments.


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