Metal Spas Stand Up to any Climate, Rain or Shine

By Krista Payne
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Stainless Steel Hawaii spa


We believe metal spas are one of the best materials on the market today for fabricating custom swimming pools and hot tubs. Not only for its endless design possibilities but also for its durability. Metal is one of the strongest materials and can withstand nature’s harshest elements. From the hot sun, to icy cold winds and heavy snows, metal will not crack, fade or crack.

Unlike most of the hot tubs on the markets today made from vinyls and Fiberglass, stainless steel spas will last a lifetime and guarantees a relatively low maintenance schedule. From Coast to Coast, Diamond Spas has been part of some of the most luxury projects.

Installing outside in conditions such as in Hawaii with it salty air to New Orleans with its high humidity to Aspen and Vermont with its heavy snows and below freezing temperatures. Check out some of our projects that we have been part of across this great country.

lg_low res Stainless steel spa with water feature Arial shot

New Orleans


Copper Spa  Diamond Spas


Stainless Steel Swimming pool

New York City

Diamond Spas Copper Swimming Pool 1


Metal Hot Tub


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