Custom Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Front Skirt and Matching Hood Sink Dimensions: 19" x 36" x 12" Hood Dimensions: 48" x 26" x 22"
Designer: Corea Sotropa Interior Design Photographer: John Gautier of John Gaucher Images

Kitchen Sinks

The sink is the focal point of every kitchen, and the hearth of dinner parties, holidays, or just Sunday morning breakfast. With all the happenings in your kitchen, why not display one of Diamond Spa’s custom kitchen sinks that will complement the atmosphere you are trying to create? Diamond Spas have fabricated traditional farm, contemporary, and corner sinks, as well as stainless steel and copper sinks. There are no limitations to what you can create.

By using only the finest materials, Diamonds Spas is able to create a custom stainless steel sink or custom copper sink of the highest quality. Not only should your sink be beautiful, it should be functional. These two materials add an elevated look to your kitchen while enduring the wear and tear of daily use. We specialize in custom fabrication to suit your sink design needs. Whatever your vision is, Diamond Spas can create custom kitchen sinks to fit your kitchen aesthetic. We’ll work hand in hand with you to create the kitchen sink you are looking for while bringing over 20 years of experience to the table to ensure it is done correctly.

Custom kitchen sinks can make a spectacular statement – our artistry and experience will help you achieve the aesthetic you desire. Since 1996 Diamond Spas’ custom kitchen sinks have transformed many ordinary kitchens into unique, luxurious and extraordinary kitchens. Take a look at the gallery below to find inspiration from a custom stainless steel sink and custom copper sink that Diamond Spas has created and installed in other homes. There are no limitations. So be creative; it’s your kitchen!

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Custom Kitchen Apron Sink with Front Skirting
Custom Kitchen Apron Sink with Front Skirting
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