Frequently Asked Questions


How long has Diamond Spas been in business?

Diamond Spas is a family-owned and operated business. We have been in business for over 26 years, opening our doors in 1996.

How do I place an order with Diamond Spas?

Simply contact a Diamond Spas design team member or fax a brief sketch of your project. Diamond Spas will provide you with a formal estimate. Once we receive your deposit, our engineering team will begin your project delivering detailed prints and equipment schematics. Upon your approval, your project is then forwarded to fabrication. Diamond Spas does not design surrounding architecture or landscapes. or call 1.800.951.7727

Who does Diamond Spas sell to?

Diamond Spas sells to a variety of clients. Those being architects, landscape architects, naval architects, custom home builders, pool and spa builders, interior designers, and homeowners. Diamond Spas sells to both residential and commercial markets.

I see some products throughout the Diamond Spas brochure in stainless steel and some in copper. Does this mean only certain designs can be fabricated in stainless steel and only certain designs in copper?

Diamond Spas can fabricate any pool, spa or bath fixture in either stainless steel or copper.

Does Diamond Spas apply a patina finish to copper?

Yes, if the client requests it. Diamond Spas can patina any copper product before shipping. This process involves accelerating the antiquing process of the copper producing rich shades of brown.  However, copper is a “living metal” and its appearance will continually change over time as it reacts to it’s environment. A natural patina process will develop leaving a wide range of colors (browns, pinks and sometimes blues and greens). Copper will not change evenly either. It will spot and streak in some instances. For many clients this is exactly what they desire. They like the unpredictable nature of copper and admire it’s character.

Does Diamond Spas insulate all it’s products?

Yes, Diamond Spas insulates each vessel shell with an expanding foam with low GWP (global warming potential).

Does Diamond Spas stock any pools, spas or baths?

No, Diamond Spas is a custom company. We build to suit. However, any product you may see online can be duplicated for you.

What is Diamond Spas typical lead time?

Lead times are dependent on the season and scope of your project. Please contact customer service for our current times. or call 1.800.951.7727

What about shipping?

A shipping estimate will be included with your entire project estimate. Diamond Spas will ship to any location, worldwide.

Does metal get hot?

Metal surfaces can become very hot if exposed to direct sunlight. DSI recommends covering exposed metal with stone, wood or decking, installing under shading or otherwise shielding the metal from exposure.

What are the care and maintenance guidelines for a copper and stainless?

Copper and stainless steel are very durable materials that will provide you with a lifetime of beauty and enjoyment. Chlorine, bromine, home salt systems, ozone systems and salt containing products should be avoided. These products will result in rust like spotting and may pit the metal. Any damage caused to your product as a result of contact with these products will not be covered by the warranty.

Stainless steel basic cleaning: Diamond Spas recommends using glass cleaner or a mild detergent. Do not add detergent to the vessel water or it may cause foaming. For tough spots, clean area with a 3M green Scotch Brite pad and water using the pad in a circular motion progressing from light to medium pressure. Thoroughly rinse the area with clean water and dry with a soft, clean cloth.

Copper basic cleaning: Copper is a “living metal” and its appearance will continually change over time as it reacts to it’s environment. A natural patina process will develop leaving a wide range of colors (browns, pinks and sometimes blues and greens). Copper will not change evenly either. It will spot and streak in some instances. For many clients this is exactly what they desire. They like the unpredictable nature of copper and admire it’s character. Diamond Spas recommends using a mild detergent and damp clean rags to clean the copper. Make sure the detergents do not contain acidic, chlorine-based, bleach based or abrasive cleaners. These detergents may strip the natural patina from copper and distort your finish. Do not add detergent to pool or spa water or it may cause foaming. Thoroughly rinse the area with a clean, damp rag and dry with a soft, clean cloth.


Is a Metal Bathtub Warm?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. And the answer is YES! The metal itself is relatively thin. Once hot water is placed in the bath, warmup time is extremely quick. Don’t believe us? Feel free to try this little test. Find a piece of stainless steel or copper somewhere in your home or business. Place your hand on the steel for sixty seconds or so. Pick your hand up, wait five seconds, then place it again over the same area. The area will be noticeably warm. The heat transfer is created simply by body heat. Now imagine how fast stainless steel or copper increases in temperature when hot water is added. You will be impressed, we promise.

Are the whirlpools noisy in a metal bath?

You will find the noise level is no greater than in any other product on the market. An insulated shell will help with noise reduction as well.

Are waste/overflow systems supplied with the Diamond Spas baths? Are they supplied with sinks or shower pans?

Diamond Spas does offer waste and overflow systems for the baths at an additional charge. Diamond Spas does not offer drains for lavatories or shower pans. All drain sizes are standard unless otherwise specified by the client.

Pools & Spas

What kind of maintenance access do I need for my pool or spa?

Diamond Spas recommends at a minimum of 18” access around all sides of a vessel. Access is essential for maintenance. If there is no access to service your Diamond Spas product, a spa or pool technician cannot correct any leaks, repairs, replace equipment, etc., if needed. Diamond Spas warranty is void if no access is provided. Automatic Covers must have access around the entire perimeter of auto cover box for future service / maintenance.

What kind of pool and spa components does Diamond Spas offer?

LED lighting, fiber optic lighting, chromotherapy, automatic covers, insulating covers, air blowers, water falls, vanishing edges, spillways, firewall features, glass walls, water features, laminar jets, the list is endless and all can be custom engineered to serve your personal preferences. Our design team can assist you every step of the way.

Will Diamond Spas apply tile to a pool or spa?

Tile can be applied to any Diamond Spas pool, spa or water feature. Diamond Spas can do this at our facility or we can assist your tile setter by incorporating tile flanges. The design of the tile flange can be determined during the engineering process.

Does Diamond Spas offer an installation service?

Diamond Spas does offer an installation administrator service for an additional charge. We will fly a representative out to your location to supervise the installation of your pool, spa or water feature. Our representatives will oversee the hook up of equipment and make sure the controls are working properly. He or she will also explain how the controls work, how to maintain water chemistry and explain spa maintenance. Rest assured when they leave you will know everything needed to enjoy your investment and keep it looking pristine for years to come.

What kind of sanitation system does Diamond Spas recommend for my stainless steel or copper pool or spa?

Diamond Spas prefers a chlorine free approach to water sanitation. The elimination of chlorine in your spa, pool or water feature works well with the Diamond Spas metal product line. Additionally, a chlorine free vessel helps reduce the amount of chlorine discharged into the waste stream of your community.
Diamond Spas uses a two-part system composed of an ultraviolet sterilizer and hydrogen peroxide (oxidation). Hydrogen peroxide is hydrogen and oxygen (active water). It reverts back to hydrogen and oxygen once it is spent. The ultraviolet bulb used in UV sterilization, is normally replaced on an annual basis.

In order to continue the beauty and performance of your Diamond Spas product, regular monthly pH balance testing is essential.

What size of a hot tub should I get?

Diamond Spas is a custom manufacturer. The example illustrations are provided with sizing, but they aren’t standard specs. Your Design Manager will help create a spa design that works best for your installation.