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Diamond Spas: How We Work Diamond Spas is a custom fabricator of metal spas, pools, tubs and sinks. The video details the process in which a custom product is made.

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What sets Diamond Spas apart from other manufacturers is our ability to customize.

Every product leaving the DSI facility has been designed and built to fulfill the individual needs of our clients. DSI has perfected an efficient line of communication between the client and our engineering and fabrication departments.

This process begins with customer service and the understanding of dimensional requirements and design goals. Moving on to engineering, a detailed drawing of your project will be forwarded for your review and comments. Any required modifications will be immediately addressed. Upon final drawing approval, the project moves to fabrication and off to shipping.

A Diamond Spas representative will assist you through the design and coordination process. Diamond Spas is the ideal choice for the homeowner or commercial facility looking for an original and unique product.

Diamond Spas’ entire line is custom fabricated exactly to our clients’ specifications. You provide us with an idea of what you want along with any dimensional or design requirements that you may have, and we will fabricate it. We work with architects, landscape architects, pool builders, interior designers, custom home builders and sometimes the homeowners themselves. The only material Diamond Spas uses in its fabrication is stainless steel or copper. All products are TIG welded by our talented team of welders. We also apply our own unique hand buffed finish. If you would like to request a sample of this finish, please don’t hesitate to call customer service. and we will drop one in the mail to you. Once we understand the scope of your project and the product you are interested in, we will provide you with a formal estimate. From this point, a 50% deposit is required. Once the deposit is received, the project moves forward to engineering. Our design engineers will provide you with a 3D CAD drawing. This will show a perspective view, dimensions, equipment, jet placement, and details of the product for your review and approval. If something needs to change, simply mark up the print and send it back. We will continue this process until we have drawn your product exactly as you want it. Once the prints are signed off, the project moves on to welding, leak testing, polishing/finishing and finally crating and shipping. All product must be paid in full before shipment. We use common carriers for delivery worldwide.


Diamond Spas can fabricate a spa or pool for you that will last a lifetime. Metal is incredibly durable, especially when it is compared to common or traditional spa and pool materials such as concrete, gunite or plastic. Metal will never fade, crack or blister. Stainless steel or copper are relatively light. They make for an intelligent choice for roof top applications where weight is an issue. The neutral tones of metal blend well with landscaping of all types. Equipment packages are designed to match the spa or pool, and are composed of standard spa components which can be easily maintained by local spa service companies worldwide. Pricing depends upon the size of the spa, pool or water feature and the accompanying equipment package. Some of the options available are hydrotherapy exercise areas, loungers, captain chairs, grab bars, LED lighting, cool down areas, varied depth seating areas, acrylic walls, vanishing edges, water features,  automatic retractable safety covers, and water falls.  The options are endless. Diamond Spas fabricates pools and spas for both residential and commercial clients. We do not recommend chlorine be used in any of our products. Diamond Spas prefers a two part system composed of an ultraviolet light and hydrogen peroxide. The elimination of chlorine in pools and spas is a better choice the environment. Additionally, our clients like the fact that their skin is not dry and flaky. And unlike chlorine and Bromine, there is no strong odor involved with using your spa or pool. Every spa/pool product is shop tested for leaks and proper equipment function before it is shipped. Our warranty is as follows: Lifetime warranty on the spa/pool shell, five years against surface defects, equipment is covered per manufacturer terms.


Diamond Spas Kitchen and Bath line consists of Japanese soaking baths, traditional soaking baths, whirlpools/air systems, shower pans, bathroom sinks and kitchen sinks. Just like the spa line, all product is custom built to the clients specifications. We build multiple styles of baths including, self-rimming, flush mount, self-standing, single skirts, two skirts, three skirts, corner baths.  Whatever design you may require we can fabricate for you. The cost of your kitchen & bath product depends upon its size and if it will require any equipment, whirlpool or air system. Pricing on the baths can range anywhere from $5,715.00 to $20,000.00. The bath line is unique and offers our clients a customized handcrafted bathing experience. We offer a durable product that will look beautiful for years and years to come. We hope that this information has been helpful and has answered some of your questions. If you find that you would like to continue a dialogue with a Diamond Spas representative regarding your project, please give us a call at 1.800.951.7727 or send an e-mail via our website at We look forward to providing you with the very finest spa, pool, water feature, or kitchen and bath fixture that the luxury the market has to offer. Once again, thank you for the opportunity.