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Copper Ellipse Soaking Bath
Copper Ellipse Soaking Bath
Bath Silhouette: Courtesy of Ranch Creek Spa, Tabernash, Colorado

The entire Diamond Spas product line is fabricated from recycled sheet metal.  The recycled content for new stainless steel sheet lies between 65% and 80%. The copper used in Diamond Spas fabrication comes from 95% to 99% recycled copper. All Diamond Spas vessel shells themselves are 100% recyclable. Unlike many other engineered materials, stainless steel and copper are recycled without any degradation. They are completely recyclable materials therefore making them fully “sustainable” true champions for the environment.

Diamond Spas prefers a chlorine free approach to water sanitation. The elimination of chlorine in your spa, pool or water feature works well with the Diamond Spas metal product line. Additionally, a chlorine free vessel helps reduce the amount of chlorine discharged into the waste stream of your community. Diamond Spas recommends two options for water maintenance.

Option 1: Is to use a two-part system composed of an ultraviolet sterilizer and hydrogen peroxide (oxidation). Hydrogen peroxide is hydrogen and oxygen (active water). It reverts to hydrogen and oxygen once it is spent. The ultraviolet bulb used in UV sterilization, is normally replaced on an annual basis.

Option 2: A Colorado based company by the name of Clear Comfort offers a chlorine alternative to pool and spa sanitation.  Clear Comfort is a two-stage process that destroys contaminants on contact and residuals.

Diamond Spas uses water jet technology to cut sheet metal. There are no hazardous materials or vapors produced when a water jet is in use, providing a safe piece of equipment for both the environment and the user. All remnant metal not used in fabrication is re circulated back into the recycling process. Diamond Spas facility is dedicated to recycling all general waste materials, glass, paper, plastics, aluminum, etc., used in daily operations. All Diamond Spas literature is printed on recycled paper.

The selection of stainless steel or copper for any of your aquatic needs is a responsible and intelligent choice. Both metals are eco-compatible, aesthetically appealing, highly durable and completely recyclable. Diamond Spas focuses on building safe products for you, your family, your business and the environment. There is no doubt that the building industry can and is advancing to a higher level of sustainable awareness. Diamond Spas is proud to be a part of this progression.

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