Custom Copper Triangular Spa with rounded corners, 60” x 96” x 36”
Architect: Desmone & Associates Architects Photography: copyright 2007 Ed Massery
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Spas & Hot Tubs

The ancient Greeks, as well as the Romans, understood the benefits and importance of hydrotherapy. Without question, water has a therapeutic and restorative value that cannot be matched. By combining hydro massage, hydrotherapy, H20 visuals and soothing sounds, the body and soul are nurtured. Diamond Spas has harnessed these attributes and incorporated them into the DSI spa line. Copper and stainless steel offer refined sophistication to custom hot tubs and spas as well as indoor and outdoor living areas. Our clients have seized the opportunity by acquiring luxurious spas that promise to capture the affections of seasoned bathers and deliver the superior benefits of hydrotherapy. Explore the possibilities of custom hot tubs and spas.

Stainless Steel Spas & Hot Tubs

Stainless Steel Spas & Hot Tubs »

Diamond Spas believes metal is the best construction material for custom built spas, and with Stainless steel, unmatched durability is number one. Diamond Spas fabricates stainless steel hot tubs that are not only innovative they are smart for both the consumer and the environment.

Copper Spas & Hot Tubs

Copper Spas & Hot Tubs »

Copper – one of the oldest materials on earth – was first used by man over 9,000 years ago. Copper’s significance and ability to be used and re-used has continued since that time. While utilizing copper for spa construction is a new concept, it is an especially practical one.

Spa Configurations & Components

Spa Configurations & Components »

Diamond Spas offers a wide range of spa components for your custom spa or hot tub.

Spa & Hot Tub Covers

Spa & Hot Tub Covers »

Diamond Spas has custom spa covers in a wide variety of unique colors to fit your home décor. Find the perfect custom hot tub covers which will protect your tub in style! View our available colors and Contact Us today for more information.

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