The Spa Collection features stainless steel and copper spas, swim spas, swimming pools, cold plunge pools, and water features. Every product is designed and engineered specifically for our commercial and residential clients, and our pool and swim spa collection is second to none. Our vessels are durable and reliable,  and our chlorine free swimming pools and hot tubs set us apart from other traditional spa and pool companies.

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The Kitchen & Bath Collection consists of stainless steel and copper soaking baths, whirlpools, Japanese baths, custom shower pans, bathroom vessel sinks, bar and kitchen sinks. Diamond Spas produces an innovative, sustainable line of products catering to upscale kitchen and bath for both  residential and commercial markets. Create the ultimate luxurious Stainless Steel or Copper bath experience in your home or business with custom designed fixtures by Diamond Spas.

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Here at Diamond Spas, we specialize in the custom fabrication of stainless steel and copper aquatic vessels.  Our aquatic vessels do not use harsh chemicals, making them environmentally friendly and over all, better for your health. We strive to keep our selection of stainless steel and copper vessels safe for the environment and our devotion to using sustainable products will give your home eco-friendly additions that will last a lifetime.

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Diamond Spas: How We Work Diamond Spas is a custom fabricator of metal spas, pools, tubs and sinks. The video details the process in which a custom product is made.

Full skirted stainless steel soaking bath with contoured bottom. 42" x 72" x 24"
Interior Design: Stephen & Gail Huberman, SGH Designs. Photo Credit: Copyright Bruce Buck

Popular Diamond Spas Products

Stainless steel or copper swimming pools create an inviting, environmentally friendly alternative to common swimming pool construction and design. There is no shape or size that cannot be accommodated.

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Diamond Spas can customize a copper spa to fit your tastes and criteria. For those looking for topnotch spas with unrivaled beauty and function, custom copper spas are the answer.

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Diamond Spas cold plunge pools are designed and engineered specifically for clients who are looking for a one-of-a-kind, luxurious plunge pool experience, and they offer health benefits for the entire body.

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Diamond Spas offers five spectacular Japanese bath designs flaunting East meets West aesthetics. These Japanese soaking tubs & baths have luring effects on Zen enthusiasts, a sincere tribute to the Feng Shui spirit.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

At the end of an all day hike in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park a copper soaking tub is the ultimate amenity. For two of our guests to immerse themselves in one of our several copper tubs is a spa treatment in and of itself. Our outdoor copper showers refresh our hikers with brisk mountain air and hot mountain spring water. The Swag Country Inn boasts numerous indoor and outdoor soaking tubs and showers."
diamond spas
Dan Matthews
The Swag Country Inn
We purchased one of your spas for our new home on Cape Cod last year. We had an extensive project involving the building of three homes so we have been dealing with many tradesmen and new home products for the last 4 years. By far, Diamond Spas has been the best company of the many we have encountered. We are happy to recommend your company to anyone thinking about buying a spa. Thank you so much, Diamond Spas has been fantastic and we love our spa!"
diamond spas
Mike and Marybeth
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