Custom Stainless Steel swim spa with entry steps and automatic retractable safety cover. 110"x179"x60"
Builder - Boaaa Construction. Photographer – Michael Lichter

Swimming Pool & Spa Collection

Experience the healing power of hydrotherapy while relaxing in a custom spa, hot tub or pool. Incredibly durable and sanitary, copper and stainless steel are ideal materials for creating custom pools and spas. That’s why our Spa Collection creations will outlast traditional materials like fiberglass or gunnite. Designed for residential or commercial applications, our luxury hot tubs, custom home spas and pools provide a tranquil, aesthetically engaging aquatic vessel for your enjoyment.

Looking for custom water features to compliment your spa or pool? Home water features are the newest must-have addition in landscaping design. We can fabricate a feature to match your hot tub or create a unique, standalone water feature to compliment your outdoor or indoor space. Incorporating tasteful, attractive exercise equipment into your home has never been easier. Diamond Spas has combined the innovation of the swim spa with the durability of copper and stainless steel and created magnificent designer swim spas. For a sampling of the stunning custom work Diamond Spas has completed for previous clients, take a look at our galleries below.

Custom Spas & Hot Tubs

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Our custom hot tubs and spas provide the perfect escape from a busy day. Diamond Spas luxury home spas let you unwind and enjoy the benefits of water’s therapeutic properties. Without question, water has a therapeutic and restorative value that cannot be matched. By combining hydro massage, hydrotherapy, H20 visuals and soothing sounds, the body and soul are nurtured.

Stocked Portable Spas

Stocked Portable Spas »

Diamond Spas stocked portable spa, <em>The Monarch</em>, is the perfect solution for clients who prefer a standard design with a faster ship date.  This portable stocked spa is fabricated with a stainless steel frame and removable access panels on all four sides for easy spa maintenance.

Custom Pools

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Diamond Spas can fabricate a custom pool for any design. From Manhattan rooftops to mountainside lap pools, the possibilities for your custom pool are limitless. Stainless steel or copper swimming pools create an inviting, environmentally friendly alternative to common swimming pool construction and design. The benefits of incorporating Diamond Spas custom pools into your residential or commercial project are substantial.

Glass Walled Pools

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Glass walled pools and spas are some of the most innovative designs in the pool and spa industry today. Added to any swimming pool or spa design, a clear glass wall adds a functional yet unique aesthetic feature. Diamond Spas glass walls have superior clarity allowing swimmers to peep outside and others to look in.

Rooftop Pools & Spas

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Stainless Steel or copper is the perfect choice for rooftop pool or spa installations. Rooftop pool and spa construction with metal is ideal; metal weighs less than traditional materials such as gunite or concrete. A spa or pool weighing considerably less will reduce structural expenses and engineering costs. Diamond Spas will design and construct a single piece assembly to provide hoisting rigidity and easy maneuvering.

Swim Spas

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Swim spas are one of the most innovative exercise machines on the market.  From the most advanced looking for an intense workout to someone simply looking for a hydrotherapy session, swim spas have provided many people with the perfect exercise solution.  Diamond Spas’ custom design has combined the technology of swim spas with the durability and aesthetic appeal of stainless steel and copper.

Water Features

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By providing ambience, soothing sounds and reflective visuals, it’s no wonder that home water features have become one of the biggest trends in design. Indoors or outdoors, Diamond Spas can fabricate a custom water feature to create a unique, calming atmosphere for your home or business. Stainless steel or copper water features are eco-friendly and blend quietly with the natural harmony of landscaping materials.

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