Custom Baths

From a breathtaking copper bathtub and rectangular baths to soaking tubs and Japanese baths, Diamond Spas’ custom bathtub collection provides the comfort and tranquility that you’ve been looking for. Pamper yourself with a luxurious bathroom and discover the benefits of hydrotherapy that only the finest luxury bath fixtures can provide.

An award-winning custom bathtub from Diamond Spas is truly a work of art – providing unbelievable comfort. Due to their physical properties, stainless steel and copper bathtubs are very malleable. This easy manipulation of the material allows us to create spas and tubs that conform to your body – offering the most soothing bathing experience you can find.

Not only is our selection of baths unique and customizable for any space, a copper or stainless steel bathtub has the ability to match any décor. Diamond Spas can provide you with a luxury bath that you have been dreaming of. Our products will add elegance and style to any upscale bathroom.

Imagine the possibilities by previewing our galleries below. Whether your custom bathtub design calls for corner baths, freestanding baths or self-rimming baths, we can accommodate your specific requirements.  So, look and explore the beauty of Diamond Spas’ custom luxury baths.

Japanese Baths

Japanese Baths »

A Japanese soaking tub is a small, deep bath that has become the new “rave” among bath fixtures. All Japanese baths are fabricated with a bench seat – providing you the ultimate in bathing comfort.

Rectangular Baths

Rectangular Baths »

Rectangular baths are boldly expressionistic, offering revolutionary design flexibility in the bathing well. A copper or stainless steel bathtub can be easily manipulated to cradle the curves of the body. Diamond Spas offers four design options, each engineered for ideal water distribution and optimal comfort.

Ellipse Baths

Ellipse Baths »

Copper and stainless steel baths are soft and subtle with their elliptical shape. Their refined simplicity is accommodating to all copper and stainless steel fixtures. An ellipse soaking bath can be fabricated with a flat or bowed top ledge, both aesthetically captivating.

Corner Baths

Corner Baths »

Corner baths provide a playful geometric twist to bathroom floor plans. These baths use a limited amount of space while still providing the bather with an exceptional soaking experience. Corner baths are fabricated with a flat bottom design comfortable for two occupants.

Contemporary Oval Baths

Contemporary Oval Baths »

Contemporary Oval baths are refreshingly posh. Fabricated with a contoured or flat bottom and bowed sides, this bath is art deco at its best. The contemporary attributes in combination with stainless steel or copper promise “oohs and aahs” from all gazing guests of this beautiful soaking tub.

Specialty Baths

Specialty Baths »

Diamond Spas’ specialty baths can be designed and customized for any installation. Let us design your dream custom bathtub.

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