10 Spa-Like Luxuries to Add to your Bathroom

By Cindy
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Why go to the spa when you can have one in your own home? While Americans are spending money again on their homes, many of them are choosing to go all out, with luxury finishes and features that are usually found in the high end luxury spas. Check out what is making it in residences spa-like-bathrooms at this minute.

1. Soaking it ALL in. What’s old is new again in high-end bathrooms, with large soaking tubs, claw feet, and vintage-look faucets. The artisan bath designs are resembling the old Victorian tubs of long ago.

2. Tubs are not only changing in size, but the materials being used for tubs these days would blow the minds of our forefathers. From glass, stone, wood and copper tubs, the options are endless.

3. With these new tubs comes higher-end tub fillers. Some of which stand on the ground, these fixtures are architecturally designed and are more sophisticated than ever before. The multi jointed self adjusting faucets direct the waters where you want it and as forceful of a stream as you want.

4. Showers are becoming rooms of their own. A party could be thrown in some of these steamy enclosures. Body Bars that host multiple shower heads and sprays are the rage, with computerized panels to get just the right amount heat and pressure.

5. Take a steam “bath.” New luxury showers come with a steam setting, or you can have a completely separate steam room installed.

6. Sinks are hardly ever white anymore and if they are, they come in a bowl that sits on top of the counter. The “vessel” sink is now the number one item that homeowners are fixing in power bathrooms to luxe up the room. There are some beautiful choices out on the markets today from blown glass, stainless steel and custom copper sinks. The look of these sinks are very intriguing.

7. Just try to pick out a tile these days. There are so many great choices. Ann Saks is a favorite with geometrical patterns and color ranges. Choosing a cool tile can make all the difference in a bathroom project. Don’t go boring here!

8. Radiant Heat. If you have ever experienced it, you wont ever go back to regular heat. Feeling warm tile under foot is about as luxury as it gets.
Contemporary Bathroom design by Detroit Kitchen And Bath EuroCraft Interiors Custom Cabinetry
9. Rest area. Want to get away from it all? A lounge area in your bathroom is a place where you can kick up your feet, and have a quiet moment get away.

10. The Europeans have it right when it comes to a towel warmer. I just love getting out of my warm bath to a warm towel. It may not get better than that. Love this towel warmer that gets hidden away behind a cabinet.

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