10 US Hotels with the Best Luxury Bathtubs

By Cindy
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Hoteliers are starting to get it. A lot of their clients like a luxury bathtub, especially when they are on vacation! A shower is standard is most hotel rooms today but when you have a over the top soaking tub in your hotel villa, trust me you are going to talk about it. Studies are showing that when a hotel has something like a unique tub or a private hot tub that makes them stand out, clients will choose the hotel that gives them that something “extra”. We have found that luxury soaking tubs are quickly becoming the deciding factor in sealing a reservation.

After much investigating and polling, we have come up with the top 10 hotels with luxury bathtubs. From the Pacific to the Atlantic, we are putting these amazing hotels on our bucket list of where we would love to take an evening soak!

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