3 Tubs for Small Bathrooms

By Cindy
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If you love spending time lounging in a tub full of bubbles but have a bathroom that doesn’t have enough room for a large bathtub, you may be wondering how to fit a large tub in a small bathroom. While having a large tub is nice, it’s not always possible. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the comfort and tranquility a good soak in the tub can provide. There are smaller bathtub options that feature the same conveniences as larger tubs. Small bathtubs are a space saving solution that can offer you the same opportunity to soak your stress away without taking up a lot of floor space in your bathroom. Here are three tubs for small bathrooms that can help you get the most out of the available space in your bathroom and still offer you a warm, relaxing bath.


Soaking tubs. When faced with less floor space, one way to go is up. Soaking tubs are shorter than traditional bathtubs and can be purchased in a variety of shapes, styles, and materials. There are round tubs, oval tubs, square tubs, and compact tubs that double as showers. There is also the Japanese soaking tub known as an Ofuro, with a built in seat for relaxing while you soak. There are tubs with two seats, so you can share your soak with your significant other. Some soaking tubs even have built in backrests to enhance the relaxation factor. These tubs for small bathrooms save floor space, typically taking up half the footprint of a traditional bathtub. In a small tub area, extra height can make the bathing experience feel more normal since your body is almost fully immersed in the water.

Step-in or walk-in tubs. A fantastic alternative to traditional tubs for those with physical challenges or who just want the convenience of a walk in-tub, these small bathtubs offer an alternative to traditional tubs that are safe and easy to use. Many come equipped with therapeutic jets to massage sore muscles and joints, offering hydrotherapy along with a comfortable bathing experience.


Sunken tubs. Another way to go up with a minimal profile is to actually go down, as in a soaking tub that is recessed into your bathroom floor. Like tall tubs above ground, these sunken soakers can take any shape you so desire. They can be constructed to blend seamlessly with your bathroom design and are a great way to get the deep soak you want without taking up a lot of space. You can incorporate a sunken tub with a shower setup to double the use of the space.


Giving up floor space doesn’t have to mean giving up your daily soak in the tub or passing on style. Tubs for small bathrooms can offer a beautiful addition to your home without needing a large area for installation. At Diamond Spas, our artisans can craft a stunning stainless steel soaking tub or fashion the perfect tub from natural copper, giving you a centerpiece for your bathroom that will make you smile every time you set foot inside. Call Diamond Spas today at (800) 951-7727 to discover how our talented designers and skilled artisans can help you start enjoying the benefits of a space saving, cost saving, customized smaller tub.


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