4 Ingredients that Make the Best Hand Lotion

By Cindy
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Winter is in full swing here in Colorado and as I sit here writing our weekly blog I watch the snow quietly falling and piling up outside. With that beautiful snow comes dry cold winds that reak havok with your skin. From dry hands to dry feet, cracking can start occuring. So on the hunt we have been, trying to find a great lotion that will keep our skin moisturized and heal the dryness but not leave it overly greasy. THE best lotions we have found (and we have tried the cheapest to the most expensive) is this homemade version that combines baby lotion, vitamind e oils and creams and a bit of vaseline. People swear by the homemade concoction saying it has healed everything from cracked heals to eczema to psoriasis.

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So next time you jump out of that soaking tub, dry off and lather this thick creamy lotion onto your heels, elbows and legs making sure to concentrate on your hands and feet and place socks over your feet to let the lotion really soak into your skin. We hope you love it as much as we do. Happy New Year!

The Best Handmade Lotion Recipe

  • 1 Bottle of Johnson’s (Pink) Baby Lotion
  • 4 0z Jar of Vitamin E Cream ( I use Fruit of the Earth Brand)
  • 1 capful of Vitamin E Oil
  • 1/2 cup of Petroleum Jelly (any brand, but I use Vaseline)

Mix all ingredients together with the whip attachment of a mixer. If you don’t have a mixer, any mixer will do. Blend the ingredients until they are a whipped, creamy consistency and all the ingredients are combined.

Place the lotion into a gallon size plastic freezer bag and snip one corner of the bag. Squeeze the lotion into a container. A pump style may not work as the lotion is thick and tends to be too thick to go through the pump but if you can find a reusable container that has a large hole where the lotion can get through this tends to work the best.








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