4 Water Workouts That Will Get You Bikini Ready this Summer

By Cindy
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goggles-1 Living in Boulder Colorado you quickly get use to seeing some amazing fit bodies running, cycling and swimming around town. Boulder is so fit that the they have won THE Fittest city in the Country since 2008! Yes Boulderites are fit! I have done my own informal poll around town asking women what exercise they do to get in such phenomenal shape. Hands down the #1 exercise these ladies tell me is swimming.

Swimming is one of the best exercises that you can do for yourself . It not only will make you look younger and be more fit, it will strengthen your heart and lungs. If you are not a fan of swimming, jump in the swim spa or the swimming pool and try these other 4 equally effective aquatic workouts that will have you bikini ready this summer!

Resistance TrainingAnything that you do with dumbbells on the gym floors can be translated into a water exercise.Water gives you natural resistance with absolutely no impact to the joints. Muscle tone can be achieved at a faster rate with resistance of water and weights.

Treading Water-Not a great swimmer? No problem. Treading water requires no special form . Land-based running can be copied in the water–but you have to point your toes and emulate running under water. Treading water for 30 minutes can burn more calories than riding a bike for 30 minutes if done the right way.

Pool Running-Or should we say cool running? The great thing about swimming in the water is that you won’t get overheated. Perfect for the injured runner or for cross training for long distance runners, pool running is very low impact on your muscles and joints.

Aqua Zumba-If you have never tried it, put this on your must try list. Zumba is filled with pumping music and fun dance moves that has you use just about every muscle in your body then add water to the mix. This now has a cult like following. Add water to the mix and you got a fun dance party all done in your polka dot bikini..

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