5 Beautiful Bathtubs for your Zen Bathroom Design

By Cindy
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Something to keep in mind when designing your Zen bathroom space, is to keep the design simple and open to create a nice sense of flow. One of the most important elements of your bathroom design is the bathtub, or bathing area. When considering bathtubs for your Zen bathroom design, consider a Japanese soaking tub.

Japanese Soaking Tub with Plant Wall

Installing a soaking tub gives your bathroom an authentic and relaxing design. Traditional Japanese homes consider soaking in a deep tub as a ritual of relaxation in a family’s day, according to architect Yoshiko Sato in New York City. You can achieve this ritual in your own home by installing a soaking tub.

There are various shapes and natural or synthetic materials, or combinations of both, from which your soaking tub can be made. The choice of shape, style, and materials will be determined by the rest of your bathroom design elements, or you can start with the tub and design around it. Depending on your available space and existing plumbing and bathroom design, you can choose from corner, alcove, freestanding, or drop-in style bathtubs. A few tub characteristics worth considering for your Zen bathroom design plans are:


  1. An extra-deep, 5-foot basin, waterfall spout, and well-placed drain ensure that two people can sit in this tub comfortably.
  2. A bath that has an internal heating system that keeps the surface of the tub warm, which keeps the water heated longer. Combining a soaking tub with hydrotherapy can create especially soothing effects.
  3. A corner bathtub with whirlpool is available in both left and right orientation to fit any design. An inline heater keeps the water hot during an extra-long bath, and turbo-air makes the jets more forceful.
  4. An infinity bathtub that can be filled to the very top edge, and adds another element to your design by allowing the water to overflow into a bed of stones.
  5. An Ofuro Tub. This gorgeous free standing soaking tub is deep and luxurious, and the clean lines make it perfect for a Zen bathroom design. All four sides are angled inward for a beautiful effect, and this tub comes in four sizes for both small or large spaces; can also be custom sized.


You can add a waterproof sound system to integrate soothing music or relaxing sounds of nature into your personal spa time, or infuse some aromatherapy into the experience with scented candles or essential oils.

Let the bathroom design experts and master craftsmen at Diamond Spas show you what we can help you create for your home, and enjoy the bathroom of your dreams where you can escape from the stress of the day and let your mind and body relax in your very own Zen bathroom design. Contact us today toll free at (800) 951-7727, or call (720) 864-9115 in Colorado. We offer professional delivery and installation of your tub, pool, or custom water feature, and will instruct you in the proper use and care of your new bathtub. 

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