5 Places to Install Your Bath Tub Faucets

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Today’s bath fillers aren’t the standard faucets from our parents days. Today’s modern tub fillers are coming in every shape, size and material and gettting mounted on every surface to give the bathroom design an overall updated look. Tub fillers can be found in floor mounts, wall mounts, deck mounts, or tub mounts.  We’ll explain all the mounts and what type of luxury tubs they work well with.

Floor Mounted Fillers


Floor mounted fillers are one of the more popular types of fillers on the market today as they are modern and pair well with the ever trending freestanding tubs. The “stand on its own”        fillers many times come with the shower sprayer which is convienient for showering off in the tub and rinsing out the tub after each use. There are many styles to choose in the marketplace and are measured from floor to bottom of faucet spout.

Wall mounted Tub Filler

Wall mounted fillers are unique as they add an unexpected surprise to the overall design. Artisitc and functional, the wall jets have a fantastic contemporary look and a creative way to fill the tub. Laminar jet options are a popular choice in the wall mount fillers as they have a clean line appearance when they get turned on. Wall mounted fillers can be used for freestanding tubs, or drop in tubs and bathroom instalations where counter space and ledge space is limited.

Deck Mounted Tub Fillers

Deck mounted fillers are traditionally seen on tubs that have been dropped into its decking such as granite or stone. With many decorative styles to choose from, the tub fillers can be found with various options and features. When choosing the location of your deck mounted fillers and faucets, keep in mind what side of the tub you would like to get in and the convienience of turning the faucets on and off.

Ceiling Mounted Fillers

Ceiling mounted fillers are a fun way of filling the tub. Sold in laminar jets options to give the look of smooth glass rods filling the tub. This is more for the look than the functionality but it does make you want to fill the tub up to show it off for your guests. Ceiling mounts can be singular to mulitple fillers and can used on drop in tubs or freestanding tubs.

Tub Mounted filler

Tub mounted fillers are installed directly on the ledge of the tub and can be cut out by your plumber or the tub fabricator. Used on both freestanding and drop in tubs, the tub filler is also known as a Roman Tub faucet. Check on faucet specs to be sure that the base of the faucet will have enough space on the bathtub ledge.

The choices are vast when it comes to tub fillers and faucets from the inexpensive to the high end luxury lines but when choosing your custom tub filler make sure you look for these important guides to get the best filler for your project.

Flow Rate
Flow rate is important. If you have a large tub you want a filler that is going to be able to get the tub filled in a quick amount of time so you are not having to wait for the tub to fill for 30 minutes.

Spout Reach
Diamond Spa custom tubs are made with ledges. You want to be sure that water falls into the tub at a good point that will prohibit splashing. Measure between the opening of the filler and where you want the water to hit in the tub to get an idea of what spout length you need.

Spout Height
Spout height is important for floor mount and roman faucets. Make sure it is tall enough to clear the rim. This is especially true on the Japanese tubs that are taller than most standard tubs.

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