5 Reasons for Purchasing Your Own Home Swim Spa

By Cindy
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300dpi Clear sided Swim Spa 1

The exercise pool has been around for many years, but the exercise pool of then and now has changed drastically. A swim spa is a swimming pool with an air flow system built in to simulate river flow currents allowing the swimmer to swim in place without having to make flip turns on each end allowing them to focus on their strokes and their breathing techniques. Today you will hear them called hydrotherapy pools, resistance pools or swim spas and every year they get more sophisticated with updated features allowing for the most efficiency in swim training. Here are the top 6 reasons our clients are purchasing their very own swim spas.

#1-Set your own pace.

When it comes to a swim workout, everyone has different goals. The tri-athlete’s needs are different than an elderly swimmer who is happy to swim two times a week at at a slower pace. Built with a control on board allows the user to adjust the flows to their workout needs and abilities.

#2-Low Impact.

Swimming is one of the best low impact sports you can do that is loaded with great benefits and is easy on your your body. Compared to other sports that pound the body and can create pain and injuries, swimming is low impact and ideal for cross training giving your body a break from high impact sports while improving your muscle strength and cardiovascular conditioning.

#3-Controlled temperatures.

Water in hydrotherapy pools can be too hot or too cold and really either of these conditions make for a tough workout. Having the ability to control your lap pool temperatures are ideal for those athletes who need a particular temperature to train in.

#4-Water Massage jet can be added for after workout cool down.

There is nothing like a massage after a hard workout. From tired muscles and joints, sitting in a water therapy massage seat gives your body an all over post work out massage with water jets strategically placed for that all over body recovery.

#5-Lap Pool Doubles as a Recreational pool

Swim spas don’t have to be just for exercising. Our clients tell us regularly that they don’t just use the swim spa for exercising but also for family fun. Turn off the jets and use the swim spa as a play space for the kids or a place to unwind from the day.



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