5 Reasons to Buy a Stainless Steel Spa

By Cindy
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Acrylic, vinyl, fiberglass and cement are the most common materials used in the fabrication of standard hot tubs shells while stainless steel is quickly becoming popular for its high quality features.

Here are the top 6 reasons that homeowners are turning to stainless steel to build their hot tubs.

  • Durability of Finish: Stainless Steel is ideal for spa construction as the metal can endure extreme weather conditions without any deterioration to the material. Stainless steel will not crack, fade or blister like traditional spa materials.
  • Water Tight Vessel: Machine molded spas made from acrylics and fiberglass are more prone to weak spots in their shells causing spider cracks and eventually leakage because of how the plastics are stretched over forms. For Stainless steel spas a 316L is used and is a thick quality metal that is guaranteed not to leak. The welds are TIG welded and water tested for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Pre Fabricated Assembly: Fabricated in a controlled environment so you get your exact dimensions and jet placement. Shipped to your door in completion so onsite time is reduced.
  • Aesthetics: A stainless steel spa is both functional and beautiful. There is no comparison when it comes to a stainless steel spa. Custom stainless steel spas have the look and feel of pure luxury. Stainless steel is easy to maintain yet delivers design flexibility that you cannot get with other spa material.
  • Life of the Vessel: Custom hot tubs are a major investment so you should make certain to check warranties. The average shell and surface warranties range from 4-8 years. Diamond Spas guarantees their spa for 25 years and it will look as good then as when you bought it.
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