5 Refreshing Water Features To Add To Your Landscape

By Cindy
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American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) just came out with its results of its survey of more than 4,000 landscape architecture firms about future residential and hospitality design and product selection. A whopping 97 percent of those surveyed said that their upcoming projects will include water features including lap pools, fountains, and reflecting ponds in their residential and Hospitality Design projects.

With water features being the largest project accessory for both residential and hospitality markets we thought we would focus on 5 of the best water features that we are seeing right now.


Although this water feature is more simplistic, we are loving the way the water comes off the stainless steel flattened spillway and falls into the water. The sheetfall has a nice reflecting quality and surely has nice sound effects.

More modern in its look, the sconce water feature allows the water to fall from a narrow opening and fall into a small well with LED lighting.

A Fountain bubbler seen here has a nice effect with the water falling back on itself like a mini geyser.


Laminar jets are a more expensive jet that produces a forceful arc of water without any bubbles making it appear to look like a glass tube. LED lighting usually backs the jet for effect.


The rainfall on this custom water feature can be doubled as a shower with the series of pencil like streams of water raining down from an elevated beam creating visual and sound effects of an actual rain shower are calming.


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