5 Things to Consider Before Designing Your Outdoor Spa with Diamond Spas

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The benefits of soaking in an outdoor spa are hard to deny. A quiet place to relax, ease away tension and worry, reward yourself for a hard day’s work or an extra-intense workout, or gather with friends and loved ones to socialize and have fun. A custom spa offers you all these options and more. A beautiful spa experience isn’t something you have to reserve for a special occasion or travel to a resort to enjoy; you can have a custom spa right in your own backyard to enjoy whenever you feel the need. Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing your own outdoor spa.

  1. Before our designers can create the perfect custom spa design for you, you must be clear on what you want to accomplish. Do you want an intimate oasis just for the family to enjoy, or do you want a gathering place for friends to join in? What visual aesthetics are important? Do you want a permanent fixture, or a spa that is portable should you ever want to move it? What therapeutic extras would you like to add? Do you want a spa that can double as a swim spa?
  2. Once you decide on what you want, size is an important consideration. The benefit of having a custom outdoor spa designed and built for you by Diamond Spas is that we can construct a masterpiece that fits your exact dimensions. With a prefabricated spa, you must design the rest of your outdoor area around it; with a custom spa we design the spa to fit your existing landscape and blend seamlessly.
  3. After you know the size of spa you want, next is choosing the perfect location. Do you want it just steps away from your back door? Maybe you have a pool and you’d like to add a spa poolside, or perhaps you have a quiet corner you’d like to tuck your aquatic getaway into. Choose what will work best for your lifestyle and go from there.
  4. Next comes the fun part…the special customization and extras! What natural material fits best with your décor and space? Warm, glistening copper? Stylish, sleek stainless steel? Stone or wood exterior, deck, or trim? Do you want to add custom, multicolored LED lighting, or a waterfall feature to your outdoor spa? What about a warming drawer or two to keep towels and robes nice and toasty? Perhaps a custom drink station?
  5. Finally, think about spa safety. Are there family pets or small children you need to keep away from the spa area? Perhaps you need to think about placing a fence or barrier to the spa area. Do you have overhanging tree limbs? Are there any outdoor, overhead electrical wires?

Diamond Spas has been in the custom spa and hot tub business for quite a while, and we’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned among our happy customers. Our talented designers and skilled craftsmen have years of industry experience and are among the best in the business. Diamond Spas fabricates custom spa designs that are unlike any others you will find. We will work with you to devise a fabulous outdoor spa to fit your lifestyle and unique outdoor living space perfectly. Contact us today to answer your questions about indoor or outdoor spas, custom water features, or custom built swimming pools. Diamond Spas is the premier designer and architect for custom fabrication of your private outdoor spa. Let us help you create the best place to be, all year long! You deserve the best – you deserve Diamond Spas.

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