6 Benefits of Exercising in Your Pool

By Cindy
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Your backyard pool is a great place to gather with friends and family and enjoy a fun and relaxing time, but it also provides you with a great place to get a workout. There are several benefits to exercising in your pool that you can take advantage of all year round, not just in summer, especially if you have an indoor pool or an enclosed pool area. We spend our hard earned money and hard won time off on lots of things to make our lives better and investing in good health by maintaining an active lifestyle is something that pays off in myriad ways. Why not take advantage of your pool to work out? Some of the benefits of exercising in your pool include:

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  1. No impact workout. Because of the buoyancy of water, your aerobic workout is easier on your joints when you exercise in the pool. By taking the pressure off your joints, you can often get a more vigorous workout by exercising in water without the danger of stressing out your feet, knees, and back from a high impact exercise such as running. This is also a great solution for anyone with back problems, arthritis, or flexibility challenges.
  2. Suitable for any fitness level. Water aerobics and water workouts are not just for pregnant women or the elderly; an aquatic workout can be tailored to challenge any level of fitness from beginner to advanced and even professional athletes. If you’ve suffered a physical injury, working out in water is a great way to regain strength and help your injury heal faster. Expect to burn anywhere between 400 and 500 calories per hour, depending on the intensity of your workout, water temperature, and water depth, which affects the amount of resistance. Faster movements incorporating both the upper and lower body in deep water will result in the greatest calorie burn.
  3. Available in any weather. If you have an indoor pool or an outdoor pool, it’s most likely going to be heated, unless it’s a cold plunge pool. That means you can get a workout in any day of the year, all year round. No more excuses about the weather being too bad to drive to the gym!
  4. Extremely versatile. Working out in water offers you lots of choices! You can swim laps, walk, do lunges, or run under water, incorporate weights for more resistance, do underwater calisthenics, or simply play a game of water polo, water basketball, water frisbee, or water volleyball. Why not take that Zumba, tai chi, or yoga workout video and watch it poolside to get a fun and effective workout in your pool?
  5. All over body workout. Swimming or working out in water offers your entire body a great workout. Not only can you exercise muscles, improve flexibility, and strengthen your bones, but water offers your cardiovascular system a good workout as well. Increasing your heart rate and expanding your lungs as you swim or work out in your pool helps build a healthy heart and increase your lung capacity.
  6. Mental and emotional benefits. The long-term benefits of daily exercise are numerous, and what easier way to fit exercise into your day than to take advantage of the opportunities offered by having a pool? You’ll feel better about yourself, enjoy some private time investing in your own health, and reap the mental and emotional benefits of tapping into a great way to relieve pressure and leave stress behind.


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