6 Exercises To Do Now That Will Have You Swimsuit Ready

By Cindy
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The official date of summer is just 11 days away. Now many of us may not have had a chance to put on that swimsuit this season, but really isn’t that part of the summer solstice? Putting on that swimsuit and gulp, realize your body needs a little sun and a little exercise? It’s not too late to get in tip top shape with these top 6 exercises that will help tone, strengthen and keep you healthy!


Swimming is one of the best if not the best exercise you can do for your body. It is a sport that tones every major muscle group including the glutes, shoulders, arms and especially the abs.Swimming is considered resistance training as your body is having to work against the weight of the water with each pull and stroke through the water.

Swimming is also a great low impact sport for those individuals who are injured, experience arthritic pain or are overweight. Swimming involves being buyout in the water so for those who can’t bear alot of weight, the weightlessness of being in the water is a reprieve from placing weight on those injured muscles and joints.



Rowing is an intense cardio work out but all the muscles gets a kicking including abs, quads, triceps and glutes. Rowing is the latest trend in strength training with group classes popping all over the map. A great sport for those who are coming off an injury or overweight, rowing allows the weight to be targeted on the sliding seat instead of the feet.


Kettle bells

Yes those primitive looking cast iron balls sitting at your gym are heavy and yes they have been around since the early 1900’s but don’t let that stop you from putting them into your exercise routine. Used by many professional athletes, kettle balls are a great way of hitting multiple muscle groups with one kettle-ball exercise. Less time, more muscle tone.



A suspension training workout that targets the core and upper and lower body. Using a system of ropes, the TRX is a full body work out that uses your body weight as the resistance and combinations of multi planar positions.



You have been living under a rock if you have not seen, driven by, or been ran over by a CrossFit gang. Named as the fastest growing fitness movement, CrossFit combines a combination of drills such as rope climbing, tire flipping, and wheelbarrow to a fast pace of intervals, which are, for the most part a calorie burner but also a body building training program.






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