7 Amazing Bathroom Cleaning Tips You’ve Never Heard Of

By Cindy
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I found a interesting cleaning tip last year on Pinterest on how to clean your custom shower glass doors. I was a bit skeptical since I had never heard of the solution and it sounded a bit strange but I thought that it was worth a try if it would help save me time. Any one who has a clear glass shower door knows how hard these puppies are to get and stay clean.

The solution on pintrest was a mixture of 1/2 parts dishwashing soap and 1/2 parts white vinegar poured into a scotch brite type dishwand scrubbie. Wet down the shower glass and then wash down the area with the dishwand. Sounded too good to be true. Well let me tell you, I was shocked at how good the glass door looked when I was done. Soap scum was gone and no water spots-What? One of the best inventions since..anyway I tried all these other bathroom cleaning solutions and they too, are pretty amazing!

cotton ball

Do you have that nasty gunk/mildew around your vessel sink faucets or bath fillers? Because these spaces are so small, it is hard to get a brush back there to clean the minute space. Well look no further than your own bathroom for the solution. Good ole cotton balls have come to our rescue. Soak a few cotton balls in bleach and place them in those tiny spaces. Let them sit for a few hours and when you return your work has been done. Wipe down the faucet and surrounding with a warm wash rag.

drain stopperI was cleaning my sinks the other day and pulled up on the drain stopper. Oh My! That is just wrong. If you haven’t done this in awhile..Warning.It.Is.Nasty. To save you from the horror, pour 1/2 cup baking soda down the drain, followed by 1/2 cup white vinegar. The mixture will most likely foam up out of the drain-this is a good thing the chemicals are at work. Let stand for a few minutes to dissolve all the nastiness, then pour boiling water down the drain to wash out any clogs.

toilet rings

Toilet rings? Pour 2 cups white vinegar into the bowl and let the solution soak overnight before flushing. To prevent the rings from coming back here is an interesting one. Punch a hole in the top of a bottle of vinegar and sit the bottle in your toilet tank. In doing this you will save water, as the tank wont fill as much, the vinegar will clean your toilet AND tank on each flush, it leaves the bathroom smelling fresh and it doesn’t harm any component of your toilet OR the environment when flushed.


Mold around your soaking tub? Grab some cotton beauty coils at your local beauty supply store. Soak the cotton into a container of bleach and lay the cotton into the corners where the tub meets the wall and the mold is appearing. Let the cotton sit on the spot overnight and Voila-gone baby gone!

Baseboards getting dirty? Try Bounce fabic softener sheets

You have just cleaned that shiny sink faucet, now how do we prevent it from getting those annoying water spots and finger prints? Grab some wax paper and run it over the fixture and this will make the water not stick to the surface.

Do you have any cool tricks that you use for cleaning the bathroom that are out of the ordinary? Let us know and we will share your tips!

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