7 Ways to Modernize Your Bathroom Space

By Cindy
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Whether you’re in the market for a new home or are planning to sell, take note: Modern bathrooms remain one of the best returns on investment in home renovations and remodels.

According to a survey by Geberit, the European leader in luxury bathroom systems, one third of Americans believe that having high-quality, updated bathrooms is important to home rental or purchase decisions. Audrey Gourguechon, a Chicago-area home stager, agrees: “Having an updated bathroom is one of the top ways to add value and interest to a home.”

So what makes a modern bathroom?

1) A spacious and open floor plan. According to Geberit, 37 percent of Americans cite “creating a nice place to relax” as the most important quality of a bathroom, followed by saving space.

2) Space-saving fixtures such as wall-hung toilets and custom wall hung sinks create a sleek and spa-like atmosphere in bathrooms of all sizes. Wall-hung toilets also allow for complete customization.

3) Embrace eco-friendly fixtures such as dual-flush toilets that conserve water while cutting back on utility bills. The new toilets on the market can reduce water use by thousands of gallons per year.

4) Choose unique materials for your modern bathroom design that include everything from wood, stone, slate, glass and stainless steel. How they’re displayed will define just how modern your design will be. You can also combine materials effectively in a modern design, pairing natural wood with a stainless steel vessel sink in a counter top design, for example.

5) Accessory Free. Have you ever noticed that modern rooms are more clutter free than others? If it ‘s that sleek look you are going for, try to clean off the counters to simplify the space.

6) Cool it down. Modern lends itself to cool tones. Greys, whites and black are typically seen in the contemporary look but every color palette has cool shades to it.

7) Go for bold. Add something to the design that is different and out of the boring box. This will set your bathroom apart from all the rest of the contemporary bathrooms out there, and give the bathroom a truly inspired look.

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