8 Ways to Create Your Own Spa Weekend at Home

By Cindy
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What does a spa weekend look like to you? When you close your eyes and dream, are you hopping on a plane headed to an exotic island location, where your spa weekend will be spent getting a custom massage on the beach, listening to the waves caress the shore, and breathing in the salty sea air? Perhaps you are checking into a five-star hotel in a big city, where a private elevator will whisk you to the spa entrance, greeted with a warmed robe and slippers, a glass of champagne, and the fragrance of essential oils. While both scenarios are fun to dream about, it isn’t necessary to travel anywhere to enjoy weekend away; you can have your very own spa weekend right in the comfort and privacy of your home.


The first element in creating your own spa weekend at home is having the right home spa for you. Diamond Spas can help make your spa dreams come true with a wide range of custom home spas that provide you with the perfect way to relax and escape without ever leaving home. Elegance meets functionality in a custom home spa or hot tub from Diamond Spas, and you can choose the style and details that fit your needs, your décor, and your available space. Our designers and master craftsmen will work with you to create a home spa that offers you the perfect environment to enjoy a spa weekend at home any time you so desire.


Choose from stainless steel, copper, stone, wood, lighting, music, and other elements to put together the oasis you have always envisioned. Experience the healing power of hydrotherapy as you relax in your private spa designed with your comfort in mind. Once you have the right spa or hot tub for your spa weekend at home, here are eight ways to make it happen:


  1. Gather your favorite face, hair, and body products, one or several scented candles, your favorite music playlist, and a glass of something relaxing.
  2. Stock up on some fresh, healthy food to fuel your body and feel good as you relax.
  3. Send the kids to a sleepover or better yet, a weekend with the grandparents or a favorite aunt.
  4. Consider unplugging from everything that usually takes away from your “me” time, like emails, voice mails, and other distractions.
  5. Set the stage for some uninterrupted time alone where you can pamper yourself from the top of your head to the bottom of your hard working, often overlooked feet.
  6. Recruit your significant other to field any non-emergency contact for a couple of days.
  7. Break out the book you’ve been meaning to read or that video you want to watch, and commit to giving yourself the time and environment to do so.
  8. Write down what you want to accomplish with your spa weekend at home; is it simple relaxation, some quiet time to make an important decision, the time to start writing your memoirs, the space to make future plans or set a specific goal?


Let the friendly, helpful experts at Diamond Spas show you how our talented architects, designers and master craftsmen can help you create the custom spa of your dreams, where you can relax, refresh, and revitalize your mind and body as you luxuriate in your very own spa weekend at home.


Contact us today toll free at (800) 951-7727, or in Colorado call (720) 864-9115. In addition to our custom spa design and manufacturing services, we offer delivery and installation of your hot tub, spa, pool, or custom water feature, as well.

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