A Guide to Swimming Pool Designs

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Ready to add a luxury pool to your home? Pools are a great way to get outside and enjoy your outdoor space to its fullest potential. The idea of building the perfect swimming pool design can seem daunting, but the team at Diamond Spas is here to help. Check out our Guide to Swimming Pool Designs below, and let us help you create the pool of your dreams.


  1. Where Should I put the Swimming Pool?

Deciding where your pool sits is one of the most important parts of designing your outdoor space. A pool is more than a place to swim. It will be a gathering place for guests, a place to lounge, and should enhance your scenery. Ideally, a pool will sit in your property’s sunniest spot and will be easy to access from your home. Depending on the shape of your pool, your location will play a big factor in what areas of your property are usable.


  1. What Shape Do You Want?

When it comes to pool shapes, the sky is the limit. There are thousands of customizable options available to you, but you will need to consider what your pool will be used for and how it will blend with the surroundings.

Rectangular Pool Design

Rectangular pools are the most common design available and are great options for most spaces. They blend well with most properties and are the best for everyday use. If you are a fan of exercising in your pool, rectangular-shaped pools are the best for swimming laps and other recreational activities. If you are looking for a pool with the most functionality, this swimming pool design is for you.

Freeform Pool Design

A freeform pool is a non-linear design that can take any shape. This pool can be designed around your yard’s landscape and is easily blended with the surroundings. This pool is great for those looking for a custom and playful look to their backyard pool design.

Infinity Pool

Infinity pools are an amazing way to blend stunning landscapes into your pool design. The infinity design is often associated with luxury and offers a modern swimming pool design. The vanishing edge look is unmatched and works best when you have a view to go with it. This design offers functionality as well as they are easier to clean and can be used the same as any other design.


Will you design your pool with a running water element?

Adding a running water feature to your pool can add dramatic effects and is relatively simple. Features like waterfalls, bubblers, fountains, and more all add to the design of your pool. Running water provides a relaxing environment for your property, and it can look amazing as a focal point of your new pool.

What will surround the pool?

When you are thinking about your swimming pool design, it is important to think about what you will include in the space around it. Do you want an outdoor kitchen, pool house, pavilion, fireplaces, and other patio features? These are all things that can dramatically enhance your poolside experience and allow you and your guest to enjoy your time outdoors that much more. It makes sense to think about these things in your initial swimming pool design, so when it comes time to add these extras in, they have a place in your new oasis.


Diamond Spas is here to help you with the swimming pool designs you have been dreaming of. Our team is ready to build your pool or spa that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Contact us today and take the next step on building your dream pool!

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