A Royal Bath Remodel

By Cindy
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William and Kate look to be moving on to greener pastures giving up their digs at their Nottingham Cottage. The quaint two bedroom they currently live in is a quaint home with a few formal rooms, but not a home worthy of the royal couple. Now with baby on board, Prince William and Kate are looking for a home that will fit their future heirs.

Settling on one of the more gracious estates in Kensington Palace is that of the Late Princess Margaret’s. “Apartment 1A” as it’s been known, was opened to the public in 2004 for tours. The large estate boasts over 20 rooms that include a drawing room, nursery, private garden, and staff quarters. The outdated decor is getting a grand remodel rumored to be done by a well known British designer, Kelly Hoppen. A 1.5 million dollar makeover will include, bathroom kitchen and rewiring to update the historical home. The remodel is estimated to be finished in 2013. The picture here is of Princess Margaret soaking in the tub with nothing on but her crown! Maybe Kate will be the next in her birthday suit to show us her new luxury soaking tub!

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