A Toast for a Copper Wine Room

By Cindy
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Copper Sinks-check. Copper Tubs-check. Copper Showers-Check. Copper Hot tubs-check. Copper Swimming Pools-check. Copper Cabinets-check. Copper Wine Rooms..Copper Wine Rooms? Check… Just when you thought there was no where else for Diamond Spas to go with their copper product line, they surprise us! An idea brought in by a client to make a custom designed wine room, brought on the notion of building a chic copper wine room. Loving a creative challenge, their design engineers quickly went to work on this new endeavor. Currently in the final stages of fabrication of their first copper wine room , early indications are nothing short of dazzling! The 10″x 10 copper wine room will store over 750 bottles and have extra storage for crated wine. Installation will begin in the clients Aspen home within the month which also features a custom copper hot tub and copper shower designed by Diamond Spas.

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