Above Ground vs Inground Hot Tubs

By Cindy
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When it comes to purchasing a custom spa, there are some decisions that must be considered before moving forward. One of the most important considerations is choosing if the spa will be an above ground spa or an inground spa. Both choices have their advantages and disadvantages but depending on the landscape and desires out of your luxury hot tub, one will rise to the top.

Above Ground Hot Tub Advantages:

  • After Delivery, set up is minimal.
  • Spa can be moved to another location if there is a move or changing landscape.
  • Easy access to plumbing equipment.

Above Ground Hot Tub Disadvantages:

  • Can look obtrusive in landscaping.
  • Must be strategically placed due to electrical concerns and space requirements.

In Ground Hot Tub Advantages:

  • Blends in harmoniously with the landscape.
  • Custom spa is less expensive since there is no skirting.

In Ground Hot Tub Disadvantages:

  • Longer installation time due to site preparation.
  • Plumbing equipment must be installed at separate location.
stainless circular cottage spa with fountain
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