Ahh Barcelona!

By Cindy
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Diamond Spas Booth at Barcelona Trade Show

Well, it has now been a few weeks since we have been back from our amazing trip to Barcelona. The Picina Trade Show at the Fira Convention Center went on without a hitch err except we forgot to hire a translator… Not to fear we found a lovely lady by the name of Goiatz Aduriz Olaziregi (who happened to be our trade show coordinator) to lend us her translating skills for the week. She was amazing, so much in fact we hired her to represent Diamond Spas in Spain.

Barcelona Spa

Our products were a huge hit at the show. There were visitors from all over the world including Israel and Russia who especially loved our work. We brought two of our products from back home, a high end hot tub, and a luxury bath. The copper spa seen here-now dubbed-The Barcelona literally stopped visitors in their tracks. We heard great feedback from international folks on much how they appreciate the quality of American goods! That made us feel good about what is being done in the USA!

While we were in Barcelona we got a chance to take in some of the sites and enjoy some fabulous red wine. Here are a few of the images that we took in while we were there.

This amazing church in Barcelona-Church of the Sacred Family (Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia) was unbelievably cool! We learned the building process began in 1882, and is still under construction. So for those of you who are remodeling and have gone over your completion date, no complaining eh?

Everywhere we looked there was great architectural details, including this one surrounding a very old window.

From the old to the new, this graffiti was amazing and showed the tremendous talent of the artist.

Our last few days of the trip we headed to the former fishing village of Sitges. The town is known for their beaches, culture and nightlife. We sat one day at a cafe and laughed and how the locals paralleled parked. As you can see from this picture, it is literally bumper to bumper. If the parking spot was a tad too small they would “nudge” their way in, bumping the cars in front and back. Could you imagine that in America? It was hilarious to watch!

Our last day of the trip we sat beach side enjoying our red wine taking in the last views of Spain!




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