Air Jets vs Water Jets. Which One’s Right for Your Next Soaking Tub

By Cindy
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There is a lot of confusion when it comes to air jets vs water jets because they sound so similar yet the name says it all. The air system uses air and the water jets uses.. you got it.. water. But it comes down to personal preference of which system is best in your own personal soaking tub. Some like to have a nice leisurely soak while others want to have a deep massage on their aching muscles and joints. We have put together this little cheat sheet that gives you a break down of the attributes of each system.



Air Jets Water Jets
Uses Air for affects Uses Water for affects
Thousands of bubbles move freely about Can direct water pressure to move to target areas
You can drain and then turn the jets back on to dry the tub With the water jets, you don’t have that option and as much as a cup of water can get left in its PVC pipes and may grow bacteria
Air jets creat a less intense, effervescent massaging sensation Forceful jets produce deep massage affects
Water cannnot be built up in the system Increased chance of contaminants in water jet system if not installed properly
Aromatherapy oils, salts and bubble baths are commonly used with air jets Use of aromatherapy oils, soaps and bath salts should be prohibited as in can cause pollutants in the system.
Gentle massage effects Powerful massaging jets
Minimal maintenance Water jets must be cleaned ever few months
More jets are needed Not as many jets needed
Inline heater built into the air jet system Water jet system can be purchased with or without heating unit

If you still have questions on these air systems, please feel free to contact us and we can give you all the answers to help you select your next luxury tub.



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