An Escape Above the City

By Cindy
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Escaping city living can be tricky especially when you live 10 floors up and you are surrounded by cement and glass. I am sure that owning a rooftop space in the city can be a small fortune depending on the city you are living in, but you don’t need to have a huge area of space to get a respite from city living.

You can do a lot with outdoor space to make it feel like an escape. Adding a patch of green grass, some shrubs and perhaps a copper water feature to drown out the city noise, and you may just forget for a moment that the hustle and bustle is just down below. Adding a living shrubs to any outdoor space will cozy up the space taking some of the view off the buildings and on the greenery. Evergreens mixed in with some planters of annuals add some punch of color.

I love the idea of adding a high end hot tub or water feature to the space which brings in the element of nature. Adding a fire place and up-lighting on the greenery adds beautiful visual elements in the evenings.


Contemporary Patio design by Boston Architect Charles Rose Architects Inc.
Because outdoor living spaces have become so popular, so have the the product options in the marketplace. Things normally found in the home such as rugs, fireplaces, fans and TVs are now sold for outdoor spaces with water resistant technologies.
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