Are Inline Heaters Worth It?

By Cindy
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Cold water. It is the archenemy of anyone who likes to take long hot baths. Tub water starts to lose heat as soon as the water is placed in the bath, and 10 minutes later you are sitting in luke warm water. Then goes the game of draining the cold water and turning on the hot water to heat up your tub again.

Inline heaters are the bath industries solution to cold water woes. These inline heaters are fitted onto the tub’s water pump and needs a suction and return to perform. Water is taken out of the tub through the suction at the bottom of the soaking tub then goes through the pump and inline heater and then comes back into the tub through a return which can be a jet or a custom designed return. Sounds great but are inline heater’s worth the money? The answer is really a personal one.

Bath Time:

Some bathers like to get in the bath, get warmed up and they are done, while others like to take a 30 minute soak, read a book and drink a glass of wine. It all comes down to how much time you like to spend in your soaking tub. If you tend to take longer baths, then an inline heater is probably a good idea.

Hot Water Heater:

If you have a 30 gallon water heater and a big tub then most likely you are going to run out of hot water quickly. An inline heater allows for a one time fill of hot water without the need to refilling with more hot water. If you are not planning on getting a larger water heater then an inline heater is the way to go.

Fill it and forget it:

Tired of constantly having to empty the tub of its cold water to make room for hotter water? If it’s a pain for you to fill and refill the inline heater allows for a one time fill and forget. Fill the tub with hot water, turn on the inline heater pump and you never have to turn the hot faucet on the rest of the soak. An inline heater will maintain the heat of the water for hours.

An inline heater may seem to some as bells and whistles on a high end tub, but for those who like a long leisurely  soak, it’s the only way to go.

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