Artisan Baths Lure in Clients to Hotels

By Cindy
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Copper Bath at Terranea Resort

Architects and designers of luxury hotels are quickly learning that adding artisan baths to their hotel room features are luring clients to their hotels. Facts are now showing that adding a custom luxury tub can make all the difference to these travelers. Word of mouth marketing is spreading when a hotel has a nice bath. (Mariah Carey talked about our copper tub that she experienced at the Terranea Resort in Life and Style magazine) Travelers like to feel pampered and there is nothing that does it in the hotel room than an over sized tub. Technology and social media is playing a big part in getting the word out about luxury tubs in these hotel rooms. There are Yelp pages just devoted to tourists searching out the best luxury tubs in their sought out cities. Check out this one in San Francisco..

With cities hosting marathons, triathlons and just the basic romantic get-aways, people want to be able to indulge at the end of the day with a nice soak.

Take the Hotel Palolmar for example. These reviews from Tripadvisor show how many of its past visitors loved the Japanese Style Baths that they had in their rooms.

  • “Best Hotel Suite in Dallas – Japanese Soaking Tub is Insane”
  • “The bathroom was very large and had a 2 person shower and a huge soaking tub that you had to climb into via a marble step. Unforgettable romantic rendezvous! “
  • “A super deep jacuzzi tub that could have fit 4 people. “Dreamy… Look forward to staying here again! “
  • “The largest Japanese soaking tubs I’ve ever seen in the luxury suites.”

On it shows that the japanese tubs at the Hotel Palomar was mentioned in 22 comments!

Here is another example:

One and Only Palmilla, San Jose Del Cabo

Check out these reviews on

  • “The bathrooms are enormous with a great soaking tub and a wonderful rain shower that also has a picture window looking out to the beach.”
  • “…an indulgent bathroom filled with luxurious soaps to use in the spacious, open shower and deep, egg-shaped bathtub”
  • “The tub was very cool. I could have in there tub all day”

Take note luxury hotel planners..We want a tub. No, we don’t want a small 5 ft tub ceramic tub. We want a luxury tub that we can sit back and soak in. We are paying good prices for these rooms. Give us something that make us want to come back again and again.

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