Automatic Hot Tub Cover Won’t Leave You in the Cold

By Cindy
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Beaver Creek, CO before the Snow

Snow in the Rockies is a beautiful thing..if you are not shoveling it of course! There is nothing like the first snow of the winter. Watching the snow fall and gather on the ground. I still get excited when a storm comes in and going to bed not knowing how much snow I may awaken to. If you have ever had the pleasure to enjoy a luxury hot tub when the snow is falling, you understand what a treat it is. Now just like shoveling snow is no fun, neither is taking on/off a hot tub cover when the temperatures are a frigid 30 degrees outside. I love hot tubs, especially when it is snowing, but the last thing I want to do is get into my swimsuit and stand out in the cold trying to take off the cover of the hot tub–Makes you think twice before using the hot tub.

If you are thinking about purchasing a custom hot tub, look into the option of putting an automatic retractable safety cover on it. Whoever came up with this invention–THANK YOU!. We guarantee you will love having the ability to take on and off the cover of your hot tub with the click of a remote. No more standing in the elements trying to take off heavy hot tub covers or needing assistance to remove it.

Snow in The Rockies!

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