Automatic Hot Tub Covers vs Foam Covers

By Cindy
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The traditional hot tub covers we are all accustomed to seeing are the standard foam insulated covers. Known as the water logged, faded, heavy piece of foam hot tub cover that was a total pain to get off, has come a long way with newer technologies in place. These new technologies include higher quality vinyls and insulation that withstand the elements and save energy and money, tapered edges that allow for precipitation run off, and steel hinges replacing the old vinyl flaps allowing for heavier use and a longer shelf life. A very good option for keeping your outdoor spas hot and debris from getting in.

Newer in the marketplace is the automatic hot tub cover. A more expensive option for sure but for those who can afford it, a pure luxury! With a flip of a switch, the auto cover can extend or retract in less than 6 seconds, hold a 300 man on in the closed position, and seal in heat better than the conventional covers and requires no installation (plug and play). Here is one of our custom stainless steel hot tubs where we have installed an automatic cover.

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