Automatic Pool Covers for Safety and Convenience

By Cindy
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Is your manual pool cover not holding up as well as you’d like this winter? We recommend Hydramatic automatic pool covers from Aquamatic, a California-based manufacturer that has established itself in the pool and spa industry with service, innovation, and solid engineering. Features of its automatic pool covers include:

  • custom colors
  • limit switches
  • leading edge sliders
  • key-lock remote operating controls
  • built-in rainwater removal systems
  • cable compensating controls
  • unique dual motor hydraulic drives
  • special heavy duty cover recess covers

Automatic pool covers are a safe and convenient way to protect almost any shape pool without interfering with your outdoor living space. You can even preserve the heat in your pool with this cover and ward off energy loss for added savings.


A high-performance automatic pool cover should top a well-designed custom pool or spa. Check out our custom stainless steel and copper pools and spas to see what we can create for you.

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