Bath Tub Templates Helpful for Space Planning

By Cindy
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If you are in the middle of a bathroom remodel or building a new bathroom in your home, you can relate to the overwhelming choices that must be made when you are designing a bathroom. There are so many choices to make in the bathroom design such as tile, soaking tubs, cabinet hardware and faucets and tub fillers just to name a few.

One of the things that must be considered is space planning. Space planning is important since you want to have a bathroom that not only looks amazing but also is functional. You will want to think about where to place your sinks, your toilet and your soaking tub and custom shower. It is a good idea to think about your daily habits such as how often you shower vs taking a bath. If you share the bathroom with others do you want to have separate sinks and counters? Do you have enough storage for your bathroom products or linens?

During the planning stage sometimes it can be hard to imagine how the furnishings will look in place. Some manufactures can give you a template to put in place so you can see exactly the the size of the tub and the space it takes up.


At Diamond Spas we offer a template service where we can cut out the shape of your tub and plumbing cut outs so you can lay the template down in the space to get a feel for the size of the tub and the shape. Some of our clients like to have this before the tub get shipped so their plumber can pre-plumb the bathroom or see how they want to postion it.

Ready for your custom tub and template. Contact us today for your free quote.

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