Bathtubs & Spectacular Soakers sure to Cause a Splash

By Cindy
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As Seen in Elle Decor

There are few things more relaxing and indulgent than a long, hot bath. Filled with bubbles, surrounded by candles and accompanied by a favorite playlist, the right tub can transform your home into the ultimate spa. But to be truly dream-worthy, it needs a form that can wow us all on its own. We want a soaker with dazzling surfaces, a sensual shape, haute hardware and total elegance—and we may have found it. From a style in glittering copper to a Carrera marble marvel, take a look at the bathtubs that make this washing staple, an escape to luxury.

If not out of this world, the UfO tub is sure to transport you to a calmer place. In polished stainless steel, nothing could be sleeker for the bathroom. For optimal comfort the extra-large tub is fitted with a Exmar backrest—a resin and quartz combo that retains heat the whole bath through.

The Papillon bathtub’s atypical shape looks almost like a hollowed-out river rock—we love its natural look on such a grand scale. Seen here completely in Carrera marble, it’s undeniably lavish.

In white resin, this unusual bath, created by Soda Design, is patterned after the 1960s iconic egg chairs designed by Arne Jacobsen, one of the most influential mid-century architects and designers. While it speaks to an old classic, the ergonomic design is a welcome new addition to the bathroom.


The claw-footed tub is of course the most classic, but in charcoal and ivory, with intricately detailed feet, we think this one stands up above the rest. The exterior legs and body can be painted any color to add a splash of drama to a more traditional space.

Paired with this beautiful water fountain, the Model Ravenna bath is a sweet and sophisticated addition to any bathroom. Created from pure white limestone in a classic, rounded shape, it exudes elegance.

Made from smooth, waterproof birch plywood, this soaking spot brings a Zen look to your spa space. The floor of the rectangular tub curves ergonomically, emulating a luxurious chaise lounge. A shiny, freestanding, cane-like faucet contrasts with the right angles and all-wood aspects of the tub. Available with light, medium, dark or oak veneers.

We’ve always loved Alessi’s products for their simplicity and savvy design, and Il Bagno Alessi, its first foray into the bathroom world, lives up to the name. The collection’s new One tub, by Italian designer and architect Stefano Giovannoni, has a simple oval shape packed with bells and whistles like optional air and hydro massage, hydro heating, and even underwater lighting.

This upright soaking tub by Diamond Spas impresses with its warm copper tone and complementing bronze fixtures. The plumbing is hidden through a small panel in the back, so nothing disturbs the flawless look of the freestanding piece. The side of the seating area is smartly graduated so it curves with your back and slopes back down where your arms rest. A half-round seat provides an ideal place to relax.

The For Town tub by Michael S. Smith for Kallista manages to make a traditional shape extremely appealing. We’re not sure what is so enticing about this piece—is it the delicate silver nickel hardware, the voluptuous, rounded edges, or the finish that simply gleams? Whatever it is, we’re hooked on this elegant tub.

This tub from Alessi’s Dot collection was designed by Wiel Arets, a Dutch architect and designer who has worked with Alessi in the past on tea and coffee sets. The Dot tub goes back to his architecture roots and features sharp lines and slanted angles in classic ceramic. A circular indent, or dot, can be found on each piece in the line—here, it serves as a soap dish.

This circular pool-like tub, surrounded in simple teak, is the perfect combination of natural and modern. We love the wooden accents paired with white ceramic found both inside and around the edges.

Definitely out of the ordinary, this rectangular, grooved tub sports a streamlined look and a cutting-edge feel. But the surprise comes in the color. Though white, it can be equipped with LED lighting to turn the water orange (seen here) or the color of your choice. Fixtures are hidden from view—instead, water cascades out of the interior rim, falling in front of the LED lighting.

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