Benefits of Owning a Pool in the Winter

By Cindy
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No matter what part of the county you live in, winter is a great time to take advantage of the many health benefits of owning a pool. If you’re in a colder climate, a heated pool is a fantastic way to get some exercise into your daily routine without the need to brave the cold weather (except for the dash from the warmth of your home to the warmth of the water).

If you happen to live in a warmer climate, a pool is a refreshing way to get your workout in without dealing with the strain the higher temperatures can put on your body. Why run a mile, pounding the pavement and sweating up a storm, when you can do a few laps in the pool and get a full body workout? No fitness equipment necessary!


With a custom pool by Diamond Spas, you can enjoy the benefits of low impact exercise, stress relief, and a great cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your own backyard or home. With a pool workout, you have the added element of resistance from the water to boost your results. The average 30-minute pool workout burns around 300 calories, so a daily aquatic workout will burn approximately 2,100 calories per week, if done daily. A minimum of 3-4 times per week will result in measurable weight loss in just a few short weeks.

When your workout is done under water, the strain on your body’s joints is significantly decreased, lessening the risk of pain and injury. The support of the water helps alleviate fatigue, offers increased flexibility and a wider range of motion when performing exercises. Because of the coolness of the water, blood moves through the body at a faster rate in order to warm it up, which results in improved cardiovascular performance over time. Pool workouts are a great way to relieve the stress of everyday life.


If you have a custom hot tub or spa from Diamond Spas in addition to your pool, you can transition from your workout to enjoy a few minutes of relaxation and calm in your hot tub or spa and feel your worries melt away. The move from cool to warm or hot water helps stimulate blood flow to muscles and joints, promoting faster healing.

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