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By Cindy
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Have you ever experienced a public bathroom that was so cool that you actually took a picture of it on your cell phone? I know, its strange but I have. I actually went back to my friends at the restaurant and said “you guys have to check out their bathrooms!” Weird yes, but this years nominated bathrooms are so unique and intriguing that they are actually are up for best public bathroom of the year.

Cintas, the restroom cleaning supply company, has a yearly contest where they choose the top 10 bathrooms from hundreds of nominees and then let the public determine the winner. This years top ten don’t disappoint from the posh potty at San Francisco’s Viracocha. An antique/book store there shouldn’t be a surprise they have a trendy old Victorian tub along with kitchy lamps and pictures on the walls. Funny thing is, if you do a search on them, one of the first things I read is that they have one of the best bathrooms in the city. Must be true.

Another bathroom that is up for the “King of the Thone” are the Public Glass Bathrooms on the Square in Sulphur Springs, Texas. We have seen similar bathroom in the past where the potty goer can see out but no peeping toms can see in-Thank God! I am not sure I could work under the pressure but it sure is fun and heart pounding at the same time!

The one I know anyone from the 80’s or any boy would surely love is the bathroom at Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade. A Pac Man inspired bathroom with its Pac man tiled floor and custom sink with LED lights is one that would have many going in “just to take a look”. A creative and thoughtful design due to its location.

Planning on designing a public bathroom in the future with contemporary vessel sinks, or lit up urinals. Let the creative juices flow.You never know.You may have the bathroom where everyone makes a potty stop!

Cintas will be crowning the 12th annual King of the Throne this fall.

Click here to vote for this years finalists.

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