The Best of Pool and a Hot Tub in One: Soak Tub

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What is a Soaking Tub?

A soaking tub is a tub that aims to make it intentionally comfortable to sit for a longer amount of time in the hot water and enjoy the comfort and ease that comes from a bath. These tubs are deep enough to submerge most of one’s body in the water, as opposed to traditional tubs that aim primarily at the opportunity to cleanse oneself. They are also different from whirlpool tubs, since they do not have jets.

Benefits of Soaking Tubs

A soaking tub is designed to be comfortable for sitting for a longer amount of time in the hot water, giving it the possibility of soothing back pain or other muscle or joint ailments through the calming water. Much like relaxing in a swimming pool or a hot tub, a soaking tub gives you the space to unwind and enjoy a meditative moment, but the soaking tub doesn’t come with complex jet systems that require specialized cleaning methods to remain functional.

Design Options for Soaking Tubs

Soaking tubs can be made in a variety of materials, including copper and stainless steel, meaning that they are highly beautiful in addition to being functional. They can have one or more bench seats, making space for one or more people to sit in them at varying degrees of reclining. Soaking tubs offer a minimalist luxury to your space, creating clean lines and smooth curves while adding elegance to your home spa environment.

Working With Diamond Spas

Diamond Spas offers an excellent experience for those adding a luxury element to their home spa experience; our experience with designing and offering a variety of soaking tubs means that we can help you prioritize the elements of your future soaking tub that are most important for you. Get in touch with Diamond Spas today to find the perfect soaking tub.

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