Bond Swam Here

By Cindy
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Coming off a great weekend which included getting in the showing of Skyfall with the handsome Daniel Craig aka Bond, James Bond. The movie did not disappoint with the great Javier Bardem as the blonde creepy dude. The action was intense as always and Daniel Craig is getting better with each movie. Funny thing about him is that the men like him (even the straight ones) as much as the ladies. As my husband says he is gritty but has the charm too.

Well for the ladies, Daniel Craig got down to his speedos, (actually they weren’t thank God cause that might have been a turn off) but he did get down in his little swimsuit in the new flick. The luxury swimming pool where he takes a dip is located in London at the Canary Riverside Club which overlooks the Thames River. The infinity pool is just one of the opulent amenities. The Virgin Active Health Club has a string of health clubs spanning 7 countries owned by the successful Richard Branson’s Virgin Group.

Word on the street is that Daniel Craig has signed on for two more Bond movies..Perhaps two more with him in his trunks! We’ll be waiting!

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