Boutique Hotels Carrying the Best of What’s Around

By Cindy
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Lucky The Goldfish at the Kimpton

Boutique hotels are trying to lure sophisticated clients who like the finer things in life..away from the big boxy chain hotels. People are looking for highly personalized service, and the hotels are trying to suit a particular customer’s lifestyle. Supplying the guests with the finest things is alluring many guests to return, blog about it, tweet about it and now “check in”. Check out this and that blog where you find the reader talking about the visit to their hotel, but more importantly how excited they were for the “extras” that made the visit memorable! Some of the extras that we found boutique hotels providing include Italian linens, fresh ground coffees, exclusive salon shampoos, pre loaded ipods, copper baths for two and companion goldfish delivered to your room for those lonely nights.

Staying ahead of the curve in style is an important factor for Boutique hotels. Today’s distinguished hotels guest care a great deal with how the hotel is decorated and what amenities come supplied in the room . A number of famous fashion designers are lending their names and design sense to chic new hotels around the world. Giorgio Armani ad Ralph Lauren are just a few of the iconic designers who are making their mark in hotel design. . Hotels are hoping to gain bookings by just having a well known designer associated with the hotels decor .

Hotel owners must also customize their personalized services and development models to cater to their intended markets. Repeat business is one of the most important factors for a hotel owner. Making sure the clients leave happy..but also spread the word is the best compliment.

The Swag Inn voted “one of the best places to stay in the world” by Conde Nast Travel.

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