Bringing Nature Into Bathroom Design

By Cindy
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More designers today are combining elements found in nature with bathroom design to make a dramatic visual impact. Synthetic materials may last longer, but the imperfections of the natural products are softer on the eyes. Adding natural stones, woods, or grasses add character to the design while at the same time warming up the space. Natural elements by nature are weathered, chipped, cracked and full of imperfections. Although imperfect-ed, the beautiful flaws give the room more character and depth. The sustainability aspect is also appealing. With “green design” being a forethought for many designers, the natural touches to a room will only get better with age. Take for example this Copper Oasis Tub from Diamond Spas. Fabricated with mahogany and copper, both found in nature, the copper over time will age beautifully into a rich deep brown color.

This Stainless Steel Ofuro Tub is made for one bather. Situated atop of bed of river rock the overall look of this room is warm and inviting. Many natural elements are combined to give a well worn look.Here the designer, Ashley Campbell of Denver, incorporated smooth river rock into the walls and floors surrounding the stainless steel tub. This look begs for a touch of the wall!

When combining nature into design, a recommendation is a mixture of natural elements (wood, stone, etc.), crisp paint and a hint of something shiny.

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